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Office of Community and Belonging

Kennard Scholars Program

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Fall '22 Cohort 1964 Freedom Trail Tour

About the Program

In 2014, the former Dean of Students and Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Eddie A. Holloway, established the Kennard Scholars Program to honor the legacy of the late Dr. Clyde Kennard, the first African American to attempt to enroll at the University of Southern Mississippi. To commemorate his legacy, the Kennard Scholars Program aids eligible students to persist, retain, and ultimately graduate from the University. The concept of this program will empower students with the mindset, “Once a Scholar, always a Scholar."

The Kennard Scholars Program offers a variety of resources to aid students in their ability to pay for college, personal and academic development, and the pursuit of a university degree. Each Kennard Scholar receives a $1000 scholarship that follows them throughout their academic career, coupled with a curriculum roadmap to develop the skills necessary to succeed. 

Preference is give to the following:

  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Be a first generation college student
  • Identify as a member of an historically underrepresented group
  • Maintain a 2.75 GPA


  1. Participants of the program will demonstrate the ability to transfer involvement to career readiness skills.
  2. Participants of the program will serve as ambassadors for the Office of Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement.
  3. Participants of the program will understand what it means to create inclusive spaces on campus.
  4. Participants of the program will promote participation in community and civic engagement.
  5. Participants of the program will recieve an enriched experience around academic achievement and graduate readiness.