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Compliance and Ethics

Annual Background Check

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Each Authorized Adult/Program Staff member (whether paid, unpaid, affiliated with the University or not) who will be participating in a program covered by the Minors on Campus policy is required to have a criminal background check on file annually and must obtain a copy of a letter from HR based on having passed the background check.  In other words, if you have your first background check in December of 2022, your next background check would be due prior to December of 2023.  

University entities can request a background check by completing the Request for Background Check form  

The Program Director is responsible for coordinating the background checks with University Human Resources through Sandra Anderson, HR point of contact.

To ensure more efficient processing of background checks, the following steps are suggested:

  • An email notice will be sent to the Program Director indicating the name of each Authorized Adult/Program Staff that has been cleared to work with minors.
  • Authorized Adults/Program Staff may not begin working with the Program until the background check has been completed and they have been cleared to begin by University Human Resources.
  • It is suggested that the background check forms be submitted to University Human Resources at least one month prior to the beginning of the program or camp.
  • Keep in mind that summer is the busiest time for programs with minors, so submit the forms for your program staff EARLY!
  • If the facility is being used by another organization, they would need to fill out the Safety of Minors Addendum to Facility User Agreement (PDF), which is also included as a link at the bottom of the Minors on Campus policy