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Compliance and Ethics


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In addition to federal and state laws, USM also has institutional training requirements as listed below: As an institution, USM requires that all benefit-eligible faculty and staff and all affiliates and adjuncts complete online training in the areas listed below.  Unless a course indicates that it is assigned to a specific subgroup or is only available on request, the course is one that must be completed by all faculty, staff (including non-benefit eligible individuals), adjuncts and affiliates.

Courses will be released based on the schedule listed below. 


Alcohol and Drugs
Duration:  30 to 45 minutes
Course Release Date:  TBD


Recall basic definitions of commonly used terms
Distinguish between drug and alcohol facts and myths
Describe how various drugs affect the body
Understand laws regarding substance abuse

Clery Act
Duration:  25 minutes
Course Release Date: 02/07/2020


Recall the history and purpose of The Clery Act
Understand the role and responsibilities of campus security authorities (CSA)
Learn the Clery Act requirements for higher education institutions
Discuss the procedures for receiving and reporting crime information

Child Abuse Awareness: Minors on Campus Edition
Duration: 1 hour
by request
Process for Requesting course:  fill out the form at  


Identify the consequences of child abuse
Learn the definition of child abuse in Mississippi
Distinguish between the types of child abuse and their indicators/signs
Recognize your reporting obligations and to whom a report of suspected abuse needs to be made

Code of Conduct for Employees
Duration: 1 hour

Learn about the purpose of the Code of Ethical Conduct
Review the components of the Code of Conduct
Identify the principles of ethical conduct and the behaviors that illustrate compliance with the Code
Distinguish situations that cause conflicts of interest
Understand both the employee and employer obligations
Discuss how to report ethical violations

USM Cybersecurity Awareness Training: Just the Facts Cybersecurity Training [accessible via InfoSec*]
Duration: 16 minutes


  • Learn about malware
  • Understand social engineering risks
  • Identify password security safeguards
  • Review the USM Information Security program

*contact infosecFREEMississippi for additional information about the Cybersecurity course

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (Traliant version)
Duration:  20 minutes

Understand what FERPA is and to whom it applies
Identify student education records and how to protect them
Recognize the role and responsibilities of school employees and others
Delineate the rights of parents and students
Define key terms and concepts 

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act [accessible via InfoSec]*
Duration:  8 minutes
Course Release Date:  01/07/2020 *assigned per request of Registrar's Office


Determine who is impacted by FERPA
Delineate what needs to be documented when a FERPA request is made
Describe the rights available under FERPA to parents and students 
Preventing Discrimination and Harassment for Employees
Duration: 1 hour
Course Release Date: TBD

Identify the protected categories
Understand the consequences of discrimination and harassment
Describe the behaviors that lead to a hostile environment
Recognize unconscious biases

Privacy and European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) [accessible via InfoSec*]
Duration:  16 minutes

Understand what privacy means in the context of information security in the European Union
Learn the requirements of the European Union data protection regulation
Determine what information is considered personal data
Recognize what you can do to protect data

Title IX Preventing Sexual Misconduct for Faculty and Staff-Responsible Employee Edition
Duration: 40 minutes


Understand the concept of sexual misconduct
Describe the rights and responsibilities of faculty and staff under Title IX as responsible employees
Identify how other discrimination and harassment focused laws such as Title VII, and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 function

Workplace Diversity, Inclusion and Sensitivity
Duration:  25 minutes

  • Understand how a diverse and inclusive workforce benefit everyone
  • Determine how to increase awareness of unconscious bias and avoid its negative influence on recruiting, hiring, and other business decisions
  • Identify how civility, cultural competence, and sensitivity help prevent workplace misconduct
  • Recognize how positive attitudes and behaviors can lead to a more inclusive environment

Financial Conflict of Interest courses are overseen by Research Integrity.  For questions regarding that course email sam.brutonFREEMississippi 


Campus Security Authorities-Clery Act 

Training for specific personnel who are designed as campus security authorities.

Financial Conflict of Interest Courses

Contact for access.

Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure Instructions- All full-time faculty must complete this training and fill out their disclosure on an annual basis and as changes in circumstances warranting disclosure occur.

Learning about USM’s Financial Conflict of Interest Policy-Learning About USM’s Financial Conflict of Interest Policy course-Those conducting research may be required by their sponsoring grantor to complete the course  

Minors on Campus Training

Child Abuse Awareness training must be completed by all those working at a USM run camp or at a camp conducted at USM facilities whose role involves supervision of minors. 

USM's Minors on Campus training details the components of the USM Minors on Campus policy.  

Please complete the form below to access the above-referenced courses.