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Compliance and Ethics

Find Out About the Minors on Campus Policy

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In January of 2015, the University adopted a Minors on Campus policy.  


The objective of this policy is to promote a safe environment for minors by fostering a University culture that is committed to preventing, recognizing, reporting, and addressing child abuse and child sexual abuse.  


The Minors on Campus policy does the following:

  • Prohibits one-on-one contact with minors;
  • Informs all University employees of their Duty To Report suspected neglect or abuse of a child
  • Outlines a Code of Conduct for individuals who work in camps/programs;
  • Sets forth the duties of University units that sponsor a program/camp and sets staff to participant ratios;
  • Mandates training for program staff annually;
  • Sets Rules of Conduct for programs/camps;
  • Provides additional guidance for residential camps;
  • Requires background checks for individuals who work in programs/camps; and
  • Provides guidance to non-university entities that use our facilities for programs/camps.