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Compliance and Ethics

Minors on Campus Training

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The following training must be completed annually:

1) Complete the form Child Abuse Compliance Course Access Form to request access to our vendor created Child Abuse course using the link below: 

This course must be completed at least seven days prior to the start date of the program or activity involving minors.
Within three business days of receiving the request, The Office of Compliance and Ethics will then send you a link to access the compliance system.

2) Complete our in-house course on the Minors on Campus policy by accessing the following link: 

3) Complete the USM Minors on Campus quiz accessible using the following link- 

4) Attend annual mandatory training provided by the Sponsoring Unit and/or program which must include, at a minimum, the following information about responsibilities and expectations required under this policy:

  • procedures under this policy;
  • appropriate crisis/emergency responses;
  • safety and security precautions;
  • addressing medical emergencies;
  • university responsibility/liability.
  • how to report suspected child abuse in accordance with this policy; and
  • protecting participants from abusive emotional and physical treatment, which could include reviewing the following resources that are referenced in the policy:

Attendance records indicating who completed the training and when they completed the training must be retained along with the signed Acknowledgment of Understanding (Form A), and certificates of completion of courses (Child Abuse and Minors on Campus [received after completion of course and passage of quiz]). All units/departments are subject to being audited by The Office of Compliance and Ethics.