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Professional Licensure and Certification information by College

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To facilitate your obtaining information about the licensure boards, we have divided the board information based on college. For information on which programs are overseen by which college, click the link to the Colleges and Schools page

Potential changes in requirements: Students who plan to pursue licensure outside of the State of Mississippi should be aware that requirements for professional licensure can vary drastically by state, and these requirements can change frequently and often without notice. While a program may originally meet the educational requirements for licensure, changes in requirements could impact the program’s ability to meet any new educational requirements. Students should always check with their state licensure board to confirm licensure requirements.

If you are in a program that you believe leads to licensure but you do not see it listed, email complianceFREEMississippi

Click the button below to access the college that oversees the program leading to licensure.

Please note this page also represents our institutional certification disclosure. 


College of Art and Sciences

If you are in any of the following programs, click on the College of Arts & Sciences button above:

Biological Sciences, (Licensure), B.S.

Dance (Dance Education), B.A.

English (Licensure), B.A.

History (Licensure in Social Studies), B.A.

Music Education, B.M.Ed.

Music Education, M.M.Ed.

Geology, B.S.

Geology, M.S.

Legal Studies (Paralegal), B.A. 

Medical Laboratory Science*

Physics (Licensure), B.S.

Science Education, Ph.D.

World Languages (Licensure), B.A.

*-licensed only in certain states. For more information, see the Professional Licensure Certification Boards page

College of Business and Economic Development

If you are in any of the following programs, click on the College of Business & Economic Development button above:

Accounting, B.S.B.A.

Accounting, M.P.A.

College of Education and Human Sciences

If you are in any of the following programs, click on the College of Education & Human Sciences button above:

Child & Family Sciences (Child Dev), B.S.

Dyslexia Therapy, M.Ed.

Educational Administration and Supervision, M.Ed. (Leadership)

Educational Curriculum and Instruction (Elementary Education), M.Ed. Education (Special Ed.), Ph.D.

Educational Administration, P-12, Ed.D.

Educational Administration, P-12, Ed.S.

Educational Administration, P-12, Ph.D.

Education (Special Ed), Ed.S. 

Education (Special Ed.), Ph.D.

Elementary Education, B.S., (Licensure) (Teacher's Assistant Pathway)

Elementary Education/Special Education (Dual Licensure), B.S.

Kinesiology, (K-12 Physical Education Licensure), B.S.

Library Information Science, M.A.

Kinesiology (K-12 Physical Education Licensure/Sports Coaching Education Dual Degree), B.S.

Marriage and Family Therapy, M.A.

Clinical Psychology, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychology-Counseling, Ph.D.

School Psychology, Ph.D.

School Counseling, M.Ed.

Secondary Teacher Education Alternate Route, MAT

Secondary Education and Teaching (Teach Mississippi Institute) Graduate Certificate

Special Education, B.S. (K-12 Licensure)

Special Education, M.Ed.

Social Work, B.S.W.

Social Work, M.S.W.

College of Nursing and Health Professions

If you are in any of the following programs, click on the College of Nursing and Health Professions button above:

Athletic Training, B.S.

Audiology and Speech Pathology, Ph.D.

Nursing (Nurse Anesthesia), DNP

Nursing (BSN to DNP Family Nurse Practitioner), DNP

Nursing (BSN to DNP Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner), DNP

Nursing (Family Nurse Practitioner) Graduate Certificate

Nursing (Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner) Graduate Certificate

Nursing (RN-BSN) (BSN)

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