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The Code of Student Conduct fosters and protects the University of Southern Mississippi's core missions, which include research, teaching and learning, and service.

The Code accomplishes this by fostering the scholarly and civic development of the University's students in a safe and secure learning environment protecting the people, properties, and processes that support the University and its missions.

Preservation of academic freedom and free and open exchange of ideas and opinions for all members of the University are central to these missions. You will find a full list of institutional policies at the University's Institutional Policies page.

Student Code of Conduct

Conduct Process: Link to Flow Chart or add flow chart on webpage.

Report an Incident

Reports that can be submitted here:

  • Reports about a Concern, Violation, or Problem

To report any concerns about the behavior or personal well-being of students, click the button below.  If your concern is purely academic (excessive absences, poor performance) without any knowledge of personal well-being issues, please follow your department's policy and procedure regarding academic issues.

  • Sexual Misconduct (Title IX)

Employees have a duty to report any incident of sexual misconduct, such as sexual harassment or assault to the Title IX Coordinator.  See the Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Assault, and Sexual Harassment Policy. For information about the procedures that apply to resolving reports of the occurrence of such matters, see the Procedures for the Resolution of Allegations of Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Assault, and Sexual Harassment policy.

  • Campus Security Authority (CSA) Incident

Under Federal Law (The Clery Act), the University is required to report annual statistics for crime and safety on campus.  If you have an emergency situation, please call 911.  Persons designated as Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) are required to report certain illegal conduct. If you are a designated CSA who is aware of criminal activity and it is not an emergency, please click below to report the incident or behavior.

  • Report an Issue to the Dean of Students

This form provides an avenue for all faculty, staff, and students to report non-emergency incidents to the Dean of Students Office.

Incidents may include (but are not limited to):

  • Violations of the Student Code of Conduct
  • Violations of local, state and federal laws
  • Classroom Disruptions
  • General complaints/conflicts/concerns

Reports will be responded to within three business days. If you have any questions regarding any incident, please contact the Dean of Students office via phone by calling 601.266.4025, via email or by stopping by Room 221 of the R. C. Cook Union.

Page: Faculty & Staff Resource Page

At the University of Southern Mississippi, we know that our faculty and staff are essential to the success of the college and our students. We want to make sure you have everything you need at your fingertips, from counseling resources to campus security information.

We are constantly working to provide more resources and support to faculty and staff in all departments. Additional student-facing information and tools can be accessed via the Resources page.


University of Southern Mississippi Response Guide- Link to PDF (needs to be created)

University of Southern Mississippi University Resources- Link to PDF (needs to be created)

Page: Parent Page

The Dean of Students Office considers parents and family members to be valuable partners in student success.

FERPA rights transfer to the student at age 18 or at the time of attendance at a post-secondary institution, regardless of age. The University must receive the student's written and signed consent before releasing Personally Identifiable Information or Education Records to parents or spouses.

If the student is considered "financially dependent," parents or legal guardians may obtain Personally Identifiable Information at the discretion of the institution by providing to the Office of the University Registrar a copy of the most recently filed federal tax return.

Requests for Personally Identifiable Information or Education Records should be referred to the Office of the University Registrar.

FERPA Consent Form: 

Parental/ Authorized User Portal Guide-

We recognize the important role you play in your student's academic and social success, and we thank you for the support you give your student.

For more information about Hattiesburg Community Resources please view…. Link to Hattiesburg Resource Directory (Link:

For more information about Gulf Coast Community Resources please view… Link to 2019 Mississippi Gulf Coast Community Resource Guide (Link to PDF saved on Drive)

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