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Student teachers consistently rank the student teaching experience among the most valuable components of their teacher education programs.  In large part, this is a tribute to the dedication and quality of you, the cooperating teacher.  Selection as a cooperating teacher is tacit endorsement of your competence as a teacher, commitment to students, skill in human relations, and commitment to prepare future educators.

The Student Teacher expects:

·  The opportunity to learn by observing your teaching;

·  Assistance in learning to plan for instruction;

·  Provision of specific suggestions for improvement;

·  Recognition of demonstrated improvement and strengths;

·  A gradual induction into full teaching responsibilities;

·  Awareness that he or she is a beginning teacher and should be evaluated at the pre-professional level;

The University Supervisor and Director expect:

·  A positive attitude in working for the benefit of the student teacher;

·  A commitment to follow university and departmental guidelines in structuring the student teacher's experience;

·  Regular reporting of the student teacher's progress;

·  Early alert about any concern;

·  Mutual confidence and open communication regarding the student teacher's progress;

·  Support in ensuring the student teacher's timely completion of responsibilities.

·  A qualified teacher will supervise the student teacher in the event of the cooperating teacher’s absence (see Substituting/Absence of Cooperating Teacher section);

·  Scheduling, in advance, a minimum of 2 formal observations for evaluation purposes. The Teacher Intern Assessment Instrument (TIAI) will be used for these formative evaluations. Each evaluation should include a pre-conference and a post-conference with the teacher candidate. Please enter the results in Tk20.

·  Communication with the university supervisor concerning the teacher candidate’s progress. Typical areas of concern may include, but are not limited to:  

a.     Deficiencies in subject matter,

b.     Unprofessional dress or speech,

c.     Lack of preparation concerning teacher assignments,

d.     Tardiness or absenteeism,

e.     Inflexibility in terms of acceptance of constructive criticism, and

f.      Unprofessional relationships with students or colleagues.

If concerns persist, complete the Teacher Candidate Concern Form and fax to Educational Field Experiences, 601-266-4427.

·  Completion of Tk20 portfolio assessments by the last day of the student teaching experience.


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