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We are committed to providing flexibility with our services. Our mission is to serve the training needs of our businesses, community, and state to have a positive economic impact.  

We offer customized training programs designed to meet specific business and individual needs, ensuring that our programs are relevant, impactful, and align with goals. 

Our in-house training schedule at the Gulf Park Campus provides a convenient option for local businesses and individuals seeking professional development opportunities. Our facilitators bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our programs, ensuring high-quality instruction and guidance. 

In addition to our customized training, we offer a range of conferences and workshops designed to further enhance skills and knowledge. These events provide valuable networking opportunities and insights into the latest trends and developments in the blue economy. 

Join us at USM Executive Education and discover the flexibility, expertise, and resources you need to succeed in today's competitive business environment.  

Call us for a free consultation at 228.214.3393.

USM Executive Education's training programs are designed to cater to a diverse audience, including: 

  1. Management/Executive Management
    • Independent contributors  
    • Managers of people  
    • Managers of managers  
    • Self-developers  
  2. STEM Personnel 
  3. Forward Thinkers 
  4. Government 
  5. Industry 
  6. Academia 

Our programs are tailored to meet the needs of professionals at all levels and backgrounds, providing valuable skills and knowledge to help you succeed in your career and contribute to the advancement of the blue economy.

Customized Training 

Our customized training solution offers tailored learning experiences designed to address unique challenges and objectives and meet the specific needs of organizations and individuals. With a focus on relevance and impact, our customized training helps organizations build the skills and knowledge needed to drive success and innovation. 

Certification Training  

Our certification training at USM Executive Education prepare individuals for industry-recognized certifications in various fields. Led by experienced instructors, these programs provide comprehensive exam preparation and practical skills development to help participants succeed in their certification goals.

Content Development 

Our content development services at USM Executive Education create engaging and relevant learning materials tailored to your organization's specific needs. From curriculum design to multimedia content creation, we ensure that your training materials are effective and impactful. 

Fast Track Credentials 

Our fast-track credentials at USM Executive Education offer accelerated pathways to valuable certifications and credentials. Designed for busy professionals, these programs provide a quick and efficient way to enhance your skills and advance your career. 

Training Partnerships 

Our training partnership at USM Executive Education provides organizations with access to our expert faculty and tailored training solutions. By collaborating with us, organizations can develop customized training programs that meet their specific needs and goals. 

Expert Speakers 

Our expert speakers at USM Executive Education are industry leaders and subject matter experts who deliver engaging and informative presentations. They provide valuable insights and perspectives on key topics, enhancing the learning experience for participants. 


Our conferences at USM Executive Education bring together industry experts and professionals to explore the latest trends and best practices. Through engaging sessions and networking opportunities, our conferences provide valuable insights and knowledge sharing for attendees. 

Professional events for networking 

Our professional events for networking at USM Executive Education provide valuable opportunities for professionals to connect and collaborate. These events offer a platform for sharing ideas, building relationships, and exploring potential partnerships. 


Our upskilling programs at USM Executive Education are designed to enhance the skills and competencies of professionals in a variety of fields. Through targeted training and development initiatives, we help individuals acquire new skills and stay competitive in today's rapidly evolving job market. 

Online Learning Development 

Our online learning development services at USM Executive Education focus on creating engaging and effective online courses. From instructional design to content creation and platform implementation, we ensure that your online learning materials are interactive, informative, and impactful. 


Our workshops at USM Executive Education are interactive learning experiences designed to enhance skills and knowledge in specific areas. Led by expert facilitators, our workshops provide practical insights and strategies that participants can apply immediately in their professional lives. 

Performance Analysis 

Our performance analysis services at USM Executive Education help organizations evaluate and improve the effectiveness of their training programs. By analyzing key performance indicators and feedback data, we identify areas for improvement and recommend targeted solutions to enhance training outcomes. 

Training Design 

Our training design services at USM Executive Education focus on creating engaging and effective learning experiences. From needs assessment to curriculum development, we tailor our training design to meet the specific goals and objectives of our clients. 

Training and Performance Consulting 

Our training and performance consulting services at USM Executive Education help organizations optimize their learning and development strategies. We offer expert guidance and support to enhance training effectiveness, improve performance outcomes, and drive organizational success. 

Capstone Exercises 

Capstone exercises at USM Executive Education are culminating activities that allow participants to apply their learning to real-world projects or challenges. These exercises provide a practical, hands-on experience that reinforces key concepts and prepares participants for success in their field. 

Capstone Exercise Design and Development 

Our capstone exercise design and development services at USM Executive Education create comprehensive, real-world projects that integrate and assess participants' learning. We work closely with organizations to design capstone exercises that align with their objectives and provide meaningful learning outcomes for participants. 

Survey Design and Development 

Our survey design and development services at USM Executive Education create customized surveys to gather valuable feedback and insights. We design surveys that are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that you receive actionable data to inform your decision-making process. 

Evaluation Design and Development 

Our Evaluation Design and Development services at USM Executive Education create comprehensive frameworks for assessing the effectiveness of training programs. We design evaluations that measure key performance indicators, gather feedback from participants, and provide valuable insights to enhance future training initiatives. 

Program Evaluation 

Program evaluation at USM Executive Education involves assessing the effectiveness and impact of our training programs. We use a variety of methods to collect data, analyze results, and make recommendations for improving program outcomes. 

Program Design and Development 

Our program design and development services at USM Executive Education create customized training programs to meet the specific needs of organizations. We work closely with clients to design programs that align with their goals, objectives, and industry requirements, ensuring that participants receive relevant and impactful learning experiences. 

Scheduled Deliveries 

Scheduled delivery at USM Executive Education involves offering courses and training programs at set times and dates. This approach allows participants to plan their learning around their schedule and ensures that they have access to the training they need when they need it. 

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