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The Center for Fisheries Research and Development competes for extramural grants to conduct scientific studies.

Longterm Monitoring

Shark Research Program

Biologist in CFRD are actively investigating species habitat and movement patterns in Mississippi coastal waters with acoustic telemetry. Numerous studies have been conducted on sharks (bull and sharpnose) and fishes (red drum, tripletail, spotted seatrout, flounder) in our local waters.
CFRD in conjunction with numerous stakeholder groups are collecting a growing body of research material on billfish. Studies have included life history of swordfish and blue marlin, satellite telemetry investigations to better define habitat preferences and migratory patterns.
CFRD biologist are currently conducting studies to better define larval bluefin tuna abundance and dispersal in the Gulf of Mexico. This work is being conducted with historical samples that were previously collected to define early life history of this species by members of CFRD. 
The Mississippi Stock Assessment Panel was established in 2013 between the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources and GCRL. CFRD conducts critical research to be implemented in stock assessments to address immediate management concerns for the state of Mississippi.
Researchers in CFRD, in collaboration with multiple partners throughout the Gulf of Mexico and along the U.S. East Coast, are conducting life history studies of spinner sharks. These results are being coupled with population genetics to assess spinner shark stocks within U.S. waters.
CFRD researchers are conducting studies on all life stages of tarpon in Mississippi waters. Projects have included early life history, otolith microchemistry, habitat preferences, and migratory patterns.
The CFRD research team conducts studies on the basic biology, behavior, and movement patterns of whale sharks in the northern Gulf of Mexico. CFRD currently maintains an active online database for reporting whale shark sightings in the northern Gulf of Mexico. The ongoing research and sighting database allow for a more detailed examination of whale sharks in the northern Gulf of Mexico.

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