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Chemistry - Master's and Doctorate

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Chemistry is where solutions are made

The graduate programs in Chemistry and Biochemistry provide rigorous training in understanding the molecular structures and mechanisms of chemical and biochemical molecules. They provide diverse opportunities on cutting-edge research ranging from organic synthesis to electrochemistry and RNA biology, to name a few. Graduates have gone on to post-doctoral work in prestigious institutions and to successful careers in both academia and industry.

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2degrees: Masters and Doctorate
17teaching and research assistantships
2NSF fellowships; several travel awards


The five broad areas of chemistry are

  • Inorganic Chemistry – chemical aspects of all elements and their reactivities.
  • Organic Chemistry – foundation of life processes and chemical synthesis of new molecules.
  • Analytical Chemistry – foundation for qualitative and quantitative aspects of chemical reactions.
  • Physical Chemistry – physical basis for molecular reactions.
  • Biochemistry – connection to living organisms.

Students also learn interdisciplinary techniques in nanomaterials, biophysical chemistry, drug design, design of environment sensitive probes, etc.

Chemistry and Biochemistry is a research intensive unit whose faculty members are involved in cutting-edge research that is primarily funded by external grants. Each laboratory provides opportunities for students to pursue research towards the Ph.D. on various available projects.

Over 17 teaching assistantships are available, typically paying $19,000 (Ph.D. students) per 12 months. Teaching assistantships come with a full tuition waiver. In addition, research assistantships are available from individual Principal Investigators who support their students from funded grants.

Neurological Disease Research with Dr. Vijay Rangachari

Dr. Rangachari’s research is focused on Alzheimer’s disease and other related neurological diseases. Dr. Rangachari has been funded by the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health. His lab has had several doctoral students who have secured significant awards, including NSF Graduate Research Fellowships, and who have gone on to prestigious institutions.


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School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Chain Technology Building (TEC) 419

Hattiesburg, MS

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  • University teaching and research
  • Biomedical / Pharmaceutical / Industrial research
  • Research scientist in industry
  • Chemical and biochemical technologies
  • National lab research and development
  • Chemical engineering
  • Dexter Dean, Ph.D. 2018, 
    Post-doctoral associate; National Institute of Health, Bethesda, MD
  • Gaurav Ghag, Ph.D. 2017, 
    Merck Research Labs, Paulo Alto, CA
  • Joseph Spangler, Ph.D. 2017, 
    Scientist, Naval Research Laboratory, VA
  • Tricia Goleman, Ph.D. 2010, 
    Senior Scientist, Abbott Laboratories
  • Souvik Banerjee, Ph.D. 2013, 
    Research Scientist, University of Tennessee Medical Center
  • Rashid Mia, Ph.D. 2021,
    Assistant Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, Stephen F. Austin State University