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School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences


This page contains links to faculty-maintained pages on research facilities and/or opportunities.

Chemistry Labs and Seminars

Donahue lab
Guo lab
Hayhurst lab
Huang lab
Kessl lab
Miao lab
Pigza lab
Rangachari lab
Wallace lab

Mathematics Research and Colloquium

You can find information on faculty who pursue research, or who direct student research, at the following web pages. (Pages open in a new window, and are not maintained by the university.)

Other Mathematics faculty who also pursue research and/or direct student research include:

  • John Harris
  • Susan Ross
  • Haiyan Tian



Physics and Astronomy is working to develop broad capabilities in laser and optical physics to enhance its educational and research activities. Currently funded research supports the development of optical devices, and optical materials, and the application of lasers for sensitive spectroscopic measurements. A collaborative research project with Los Alamos National Laboratory and Mississippi State University focuses on the development of small, portable isotopic analysis devices for environmental and security applications based primarily on the use of diode laser technology for high sensitivity environmental measurements of elements such as uranium and plutonium. Physics and Astronomy also participates in the recently funded Response-Driven Polymeric Films Center, an NSF funded Materials Research Science and Engineering Center, to develop holographically formed polymer dispersed liquid crystals for applications such as Bragg gratings, photonic crystals, hyperspectral filters, and etc.


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