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Communication - Master's and Doctorate

Availability: Hattiesburg Options*

Why study communication at Southern Miss?

Students pursue graduate degrees to enhance their educations and careers. While at Southern Miss, students enjoy the benefits of a supportive, accessible and diverse group of faculty who hold wide-ranging research interests and are committed to the success of their students; bright and worldly classmates who are part of a smart and talented student body; and connections to successful graduates that hold pivotal positions in academia and various organizations all over the world.

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44 masters degree options
88 doctoral concentrations/emphases
33 program-specific scholarships; 4 graduate awards

What Will I Learn?

The graduate faculty combines applied knowledge with communication theory and works to engage students while challenging them to think critically as they address communication practices and issues. As such:

  • Courses examine how mass media and communication creates, sustains, and changes political, corporate, non-profit, and cultural institutions, and society at large.
  • Explore communication in various contexts, including organizational, health, interpersonal, and intercultural communication.
  • Study research methodologies in applied communication research and rhetorical communication.
  • Faculty mentor students in various methodologies equipping them to conduct independent research.

Supportive, Accessible, Diverse and Accomplished Faculty

The graduate programs in the School of Communication is served by 22 graduate faculty members who have significant professional experience in their fields as well as advanced academic careers. In addition to teaching assigned graduate courses, faculty may serve in the capacity of academic advisor, thesis advisor or professional project director. In each instance, faculty provides guidance, support and direction to guide students in the successful completion of their specific project and/or program.


Degree Plan Availability
Communication (Communication Studies) PhDHattiesburg
Communication (Mass Communication) PhDHattiesburg
Communication (Communication Studies) MAHattiesburg
Communication (Mass Communication) MAHattiesburg
Communication (Communication Studies) MSHattiesburg
Communication (Mass Communication) MSHattiesburg

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School of Communication

Liberal Arts Building 475

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Hattiesburg Campus

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  • Media/Communication Relations
  • Non-and For-profit work with organizations
  • College/University Professor and/or Administrator
  • Scholar
  • Research Analysts/Specialist
  • Dr. Carl Brown, 2015, 
     Assistant Professor, Grand Valley State University
  • Thomas Broadus, 2011, 
    Director of Digital Strategy, The Focus Group
  • Dr. Angela McGowan, 2015, 
    Assistant Professor, State University of New York Fredonia
  • Dr. Hazel J. Cole, 2008, 
    Associate Professor/Public Relations Sequence Head, University of West Georgia
  • Kaisha Brown, 2017, 
    Communications Specialist, City of Salisbury (NC)
  • Dr. Willie Tubbs, 2017,
    Assistant Professor, University of West Florida