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Political Science - Master's

Availability: Gulf Park and Hattiesburg Options*

Masters in Political Science

The MA degree program is student-centered, and dedicated to studying the interaction of government, culture, and economics from both international and domestic perspectives. Our goal is to produce graduates who are informed an engaged citizens of the global society. Graduate students are trained in relevant research methodologies, and in all areas of Political Science. A joint Master of Arts in Political Science and Library and Information Science is also available.

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1010 top Ph.D. program placements
80%of qualified students receive assistantships
23graduate-level courses offered

What Will I Learn?

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships are available on a competitive basis and include:

  •  full tuition waiver
  • health care insurance
  • and up to $10,000 stipend

The department also collaborates with the American Political Science Association (APSA) to provide free membership in the organization for all graduate assistants.

To be considered, be sure to apply early (by March 15 if considering entering in the Fall).

Intellectual Diversity

Within the context of a welcoming and supportive learning environment, faculty challenge students from a wide variety of perspectives. Their intellectual commitments, teaching styles, and research methods are varied, and they invite meaningful debate and discussion.

Faculty in Political Science are known for their dedication to teaching. They are committed to making sure that students have what they need to be successful, both in and beyond the classroom.


Degree Plan Availability
Political Science MAGulf Park, Hattiesburg

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School of Social Science and Global Studies

118 College Drive #5108
Hattiesburg, MS 39406
Liberal Arts Building (LAB) 411

Hattiesburg Campus 

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  • Local, State, and Federal Government
  • College Instructor
  • Higher Education Administrator
  • Brad E. Irvin 2017-2018
    Vice Principal IDEA Public Charter School Washington D.C
  • Emma Fontenot 2017
    Social Science Librarian, University of Houston
  • Jacob Rothschild 2013-2014
    PhD Candidate, Political Science Northwestern University
  • Brad E. Irvin 2017-2018
    Vice Principal IDEA Public Charter School Washington D.C.