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Susan A. Siltanen Graduate Student Research Symposium Winners

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Symposium Winners 2023


Arts and Humanities

1st Place: Kayla Schreiber - English Literature Ph.D.
Print Media and the Production of Nineteenth Century Fugitivity
2nd Place: Fernanda Veiverberg - Anthropology M.A. 
The Monetization of Intimacy Online: Camming in Brazil

Physical Sciences and Mathematics | Life, Health and Environmental Sciences

1st Place: Jacob Zona - Biological Sciences M.S.
Tracking the Recovery of a Mississippi Endangered Species Using Genetic Metrics
2nd Place: Malia Davidson - Biological Sciences M.S.
Reproductive Timing and Clutch Parameters of the Pearl Darter, Percina Aurora 

Social and Educational Sciences and Business

1st Place: Leslie Tomlinson - Higher Education Administration EDD
Effectiveness of the Career Pathways Model in Addressing Barriers to Completion for Adult Education Participants
2nd Place: Jacob Namias - Psychology (Brain and Behavior) Ph.D.
Assessing the Costs and Benefits of Drawing in Recall and Recognition


Arts and Humanities / Social and Educational Sciences and Business

1st Place: Rheanna Fletcher - Psychology (Counseling) Ph.D.
The Impact of Offense Type, Race, and Disclosure on Perceptions of Employability: Can Bias Towards Hiring a Person with a Criminal History be Mitigated?
2nd Place: Lillian Hammer - Psychology (Clinical) Ph.D.
Emotion Regulation Moderates the Relationship between Sleep and Social Participation

Physical Sciences and Mathematics

1st Place (tie): Levi Hamernik - Polymer Science and Engineering Ph.D. 
Benzoxazine-Derived Dynamic Networks: Leveraging Molecular Design for Recyclable Composite Materials

1st Place (tie): Surabhi Jha - Polymer Science and Engineering Ph.D. 
Degradable Polymer Networks Demonstrating Dual-Trigger Scission Mechanism

Life, Health, and Environmental Sciences

1st Place: Farzana Nazneen - Biological Sciences Ph.D. 
An Effective Live-Attenuated Zika Vaccine Candidate with a Modified 5′ Untranslated Region

2nd Place: Pritha Bhunia - Polymer Science and Engineering Ph.D.
Design and Synthesis of Vitrimer Thermosets Derived from Main-Chain Benzoxazine Polyesters