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Graduate School

Symposium Rubric

Oral Presentationas and Poster Presentations will be judged based on their organization, delivery and knowledge of subject matter, quality of visual aids, and on their overall presentation. Below you can review a sample judge's rubric.


1. Appropriate introduction, body, and conclusion

Delivery and Knowledge of Subject Matter

1. Quality of verbal delivery (enthusiasm, volume)
2. Quality of non-verbal delivery (eye contact, gestures)
3. Knowledge or fluency with subject

4. Ability to anser questions

Quality of Visual Aids

1. Poster/slides visually appealing, uncluttered, and helpful
2. Poster/slides used effectively in presentation


1. Examples and definitions used as needed
2. Appears confident and professional
3. Clear purpose and explanation of research
4. Stayed within allotted time (ten minutes)*

Scoring guidelines:

Scale 1-10 
10 Thorough understanding and in-depth application of concepts and skills
8 Very good understanding and application of concepts and skills
6 Basic understanding and some application of concepts and skills
4 Limited understanding and minimal application
2 Not able to demonstrate understandin/application

*Students who exceed their 10 minute time frame will be docked 10 points.

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