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Gulf Coast Faculty Council

Gulf Coast Faculty Council

The mission of the council is to give the Gulf Coast faculty both a forum and a voice and so allow it to assert for the general welfare of the USM coastal operations and the University-at-large.

The membership of the Faculty Council includes:

  • At least 1 representative from each academic college*
  • One at-large representative
  • 1 representative each of the Gulf Coast library, Gulf Coast Research Laboratory (GCRL), and Stennis Space Center
  • Gulf Coast faculty members elected to the Faculty Senate, hold Ex-Officio appointments to the Faculty Council and maintain voting rights on the council.

Each council member serves a two-year term and may be re-elected to serve a consecutive two-year term. After having served two consecutive terms a member must complete a year of absence from the council before serving again.

*Whenever the number of faculty assigned to any one of the representative units reaches a threshold of 30 full-time faculty members, that unit shall be entitled to elect a second representative to the Council.

Constitution and Bylaws (PDF)Membership


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Gulf Coast Faculty Council

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