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To provide and preserve campus buildings and grounds to promote a safe and enriching school environment.



We will continue to leverage technology and efficient practices that provide well maintained buildings and grounds to provide a competitive advantage for all GCRL science and education missions.

Services are classified into two categories: Physical Plant & Departmental.

Physical Plant Services are those for which the Physical Plant receives budget allocation and are therefore rendered without charge. Examples of Physical Plant Services include but are not limited to:

  • Routine maintenance of research and academic structures
  • Routine maintenance of walks, streets, driveways, landscaping and grounds
  • Operating and maintaining utility systems

Departmental Services are the financial responsibility of individual GCRL units, for which Physical Plant does not receive budget allocation. Examples of Departmental Services include but are not limited to:

  • Alterations to buildings or structures for unit-specific needs
  • Addition of special equipment (laboratory equipment, special lighting, etc.)

Charges to the requesting unit for Departmental Services are on a cost-only basis for labor and material when the work is performed by the GCRL Physical Plant. A third-party bid or cost estimate(s) will be obtained for services outside the scope of Physical Plant capabilities or capacity.

Obtaining Cost Estimates

Requests for Departmental Services should be submitted by budget authorities. This procedure is permissible if there is a clear understanding that, when such requests are made, there is an obligation on the part of the unit to honor the charge, which will be processed following rendering of the services.

Requests for cost estimates for modifications, alterations or other tasks should be submitted in a work order request. The GCRL Physical Plant Director will review the request with the appropriate GCRL unit director (or Chair) and, upon approval, route the request to the SOSE Associate Director for GCRL for final approval. If approved, an estimate will then be prepared and returned to the originator of the request. The desired work may then be authorized by the director of the requesting unit upon confirmation that the identified budget string will be charged for all costs associated with the request (based on the cost estimate).

Cost estimates for work to be performed by GCRL Physical Plant staff will be generated by the GCRL Physical Plant Director or Superintendent. Estimates will include projected labor at the hourly rate(s) (inclusive of fringe) for the necessary GCRL trades personnel, plus material costs; third-party contractor costs will also be included based on obtained quotes, as necessary.

The primary role of the Transportation Services Division, commonly referred to as Motor Pool, is to repair and routinely maintain fleet automobiles operated by the various university entities. Transportation Services is also responsible for maintaining heavy equipment, parking lot repairs, new sidewalk construction and excavation, drainage, storm drain repairs, building of ADA compliant concrete sidewalk ramps.

Key Request Form

How to deal with an accident • Information for vehicle EMERGENCIES

GCRL Vehicles Reservations

To check availability and reserve the desired vehicle, reserve the vehicle at WebTMA.

Any disaster, unusual occurrence, utility malfunction, or equipment failure that presents imminent danger to life or property is considered an emergency and should be reported immediately to:

  • Physical Plant Work Control Center
    Tina Bishop
    Monday - Friday
    8 A.M. to 4 P.M
  • University Police Department
    After office hours, on holidays or weekends.


Physical Plant Building
103 McIlwain Drive, Building 107
Ocean Springs, MS 39564
Phone: 228.818.8044
FAX: 228.818.8022
Email: PhysicalPlantGCRLFREEMississippi

Physical Plant is open Monday - Friday, 8 A.M. to 4 P.M.
After office hours, on holidays or weekends, contact University Police at 601.266.4986.

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