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Gulf Park Physical Plant

COVID-19 Response & FAQ's

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Frequently Asked Questions and Responses

Once the college-level building committees develop recommendations for consistent protocol for signage, floor decals/stickers, etc., can these be ordered through facilities and placed throughout campus for consistency? (For example; Floor stickers marking 6-foot distances, hallway flow indicators, up/down stairwell use, etc.). We obtained general signage from the USM Covid-19 workspace pdf. Gulf Park Building Liaisons were responsible for determining which workspace signage was needed for their individual buildings. To ensure standardization of signage all workspace signage requests were given to the Vice Provost Administrative Assistance who produced the signage for distribution back to the Building Liaison who are responsible for placing the COVID-19 signage in the applicable locations. Physical Plant is responsible for campus wide equipment signage for elevators, water fountains, etc.
Will Physical Plant mark off seats in classrooms to help maintain physical distance? How will this be done in a semi-permanent way that is consistent across classrooms? We have received University standards signage for floor stickers marking 6-foot distances, hallway flow indicators, up/down stairwell use, etc.
If it is determined that chairs/furniture need to be removed from lobbies, waiting areas, or public gathering places in and around buildings, what is the protocol for requesting that, and will it be stored in a way that is returnable post-pandemic? Given the limited storage areas on campus, Physical Plant's protocol is to tape off furniture in place and/or store furniture against walls to create the necessary social distance within classrooms and other similar spaces. This will limit the need to relocate and return furniture post-pandemic.
If someone is identified as COVID-positive, it is assumed that the classroom will need to be closed down for a couple days and deep cleaned. Who will report that need to whom? How will the instructor know when that is happening and when they are cleared to return? What is the protocol? In the event of COVID-positive facility exposure we are requesting that a work order be submitted to the Physical Plant identifying the building, room number and any additional information areas of contact. Work orders can be submitted by faculty or staff. We will confirm dates and times of exposure with the Vice Provost office, Student Services and Human Resources. Physical Plant will perform the necessary deep cleaning, sanitizing and anti-viral fogging and will notify the Vice Provost Office, Student Services and Human Resources when the necessary task are complete who will informed applicable instructors. Work order will then be closed.
Who is responsible for cleaning between classes in a space - wiping down desks, etc.? Is there a schedule for nightly cleaning and disinfecting of classrooms and public spaces? High traffic areas throughout the day? High-touch areas and items (e.g., elevator buttons, stair handrails, doorknobs, etc.)? The Physical Plant is currently performing extra cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing along with routine daily cleaning of occupied buildings on campus. This includes multiple wipe downs of all elevators, doors, rail handles, water fountains and other common touch point areas with a sanitizing Envirox solution. We will be systematically, fogging campus facilities with an Anti-viral fogging system (Vital Oxide) using ULV non thermal cold fogger. We currently have a shift that extends from 5:00am to 1:30pm to allow a few hours of in-depth cleaning before general activities start on campus.
What is the process for requesting cleaning supplies, sanitizer, etc. for individual departments? Physical Plant is supplying general use hand sanitizer in each building. We also are continually monitoring rest rooms to ensure that soap and hand sanitizing chemicals are available for general use. The Physical Plant is also facilitating requests via work order for the acquisition of department specific COVID19 supplies like hand sanitizer, Lysol foam, disinfectant spray and gloves.
Has there been/will there be any enhanced training for Physical Plant staff regarding cleaning protocols for COVID-19? Prior to the closure of campuses in March, Custodial Staff had video training on Minimizing Cross Contamination and Janitorial Safety. We are researching additional training oportunities for Custodial staff on proper cleaning techniques and personal protection equipment.
Instructors are interested in plexiglass around podiums so that they have barrier between them and students who have questions and approach them after class. Is there something that Physical Plant can build for fall or we car order with CARES money? Physical Plant provides 3 different configuration of plexus-glass shields to departments. We keep a record of all COVID19 expenses which we submit to our Hattiesburg campus for reporting for CARES.
Will there be hand sanitizer, wipe dispensers, or other cleaning supplies available in classrooms? The Physical Plant provides gallon containers of hand sanitizer in each building lobby. We are cleaning the buildings daily with particular attention to desktops and other touch points with a sanitizing Envirox solution. We will be utilizing an Anti-viral fogging system in occupied classrooms 1 to 2 times a week or more frequently if the situation dictates.
How will the Fresh Food Company adjust for COVID-19? Many universities have eliminated buffet-style dining and transitioned to delivery and to-go options only (e.g., George Washington University). Is that our plan/ if we are having dining in, how will distance be ensured? We will be working with Aramark's management on a plan to assist in cleaning and sanitizing the Dining Hall areas and rearranging tables, chairs and other furniture to ensure proper social distancing. We are scheduling a meeting soon to coordinate details.
Will the pods remain open? Some have expressed concern about them congregation spots and wonder if they might be relocated to outside areas. Not Applicable of the Gulf Park Campus
Will Subway be open in the same open-food format? Will adjustments be made with Chick-fil-A? How will lines Work? Seating in Seymour's? Starbucks? Can we use Grub Hub more widely and strictly limiting in-person seating? Not Applicable of the Gulf Park Campus
Will any adjustments be made to the HVAC systems and filtration to prevent airflow conditions what could increase the risk of COVID-19 transmission? Physical Plant will be changing filters more frequency and treating any suspect air handing systems with the Anti-viral fogging in cases where COVID19 exposure has been determined.

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