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All Connections Enhance Success (ACES)



Join a Freshman Learning Community!

Welcome to the ACES (All Connections Enhance Success) webpage! ACES is expanding to include living learning and themed learning communities tailored for incoming first-year students. These communities offer a close-knit peer group within the larger university setting, fostering direct connections with dedicated faculty and staff. As we embark on these exciting changes with ACES, here's a glimpse of information about the two learning communities available for the Fall 2024 - Spring 2025 academic year.

Living Learning Community (LLC) - Health Professions

For incoming first-year students pursuing a health profession, this community is designed specifically for you! Joining this living learning community means sharing residence in the same hall as fellow program students and attending designated classes within your cohort, in addition to your other coursework. During your participation in this program, you'll engage in various activities and programs designed to amplify your overall experience. This LLC encompasses in-house study sessions alongside peers, networking opportunities with industry professionals, and fostering friendships with individuals pursuing similar majors, further enriching your experience within the program.

Courses Health Professions Students will be taking in the fall:

  • General Education Course: General Psychology (PSY 110)
  • General Education Course: Principles of Biological Science I (BSC 110/110L - below 20 ACT) or General Chemistry I (CHE 106/106L - higher than 20 ACT)
  • Elective Choice: Intro to Health Professions (HP 100) or Nursing 101 (NSG 101)

Courses Health Professions Students will be taking in the spring:

  • General Education Course: Understanding Society - Principles of Sociology (SOC 101)
  • Program: Human Anatomy and Physiology I (BSC 250/250L)

Participating students will live in Century Park North Building 3. Click here to access more information about the residence hall.

At this time, interest form submissions for fall 2024 - spring 2025 are now closed. 

NEW: Themed Learning Community (TLC) - Emerging Eagles

For first-year students eager to develop leadership skills, the Emerging Eagles community is the perfect fit! Within this themed learning community, you'll reside alongside fellow program participants in the same residence hall. Engage in diverse activities, events, and programs tailored to enhance your leadership abilities.

At this time, courses that were going to be offered for Emerging Eagles is no longer available for the fall and spring.

Participating students will live in Century Park North Building 3. Click here to access more information about the residence hall.

At this time, interest form submissions for fall 2024 - spring 2025 are now closed.

Selection into LLC or TLC

Once submitted, your interest form will be reviewed by the learning community staff for a decision on admission based on form completion date. You will be notified via your USM email regarding your LLC or TLC status. Interest form reviews will begin in mid March.

If selected to the LLC or TLC, you will automatically be assigned into that community. If the LLC or TLC has reached capacity, your housing assignment will be based on the room you select in the room selection process.

Hear what some of our current students have to say about the ACES program and why they applied.

doodle one

"I applied for ACES to not only be surrounded by people with my similar major, but to start off my first semester in college in order and without stress. Since joining the ACES program, I have gained some good friends who I believe will be with me even when my freshman year is over. If you're on the fence about applying to the ACES program, I would say do it! Go ahead and apply because it is an amazing opportunity to have."

- Jasmine F., ACES Fall 2023 - Spring 2024

doodle two

"I applied to ACES because I wanted to be around a community of people where we all shared the same interests and major. Since I've joined ACES, I've enjoyed the connection of similarities with others, and through this program, I have gained many friendships. If you're not sure on whether you should apply, I would say you definitely should! It is an amazing experience where you meet new people, make friends, and help each other out in the same community."

- Valerie C., ACES Fall 2023 - Spring 2024

doodle 3

"I applied to ACES because USM is far from home and the program would ease the process of meeting new people. What I enjoy most about ACES would be recognizing someone else in the program and asking them to partner up for lab, or getting lunch with them. The most I've gained from ACES was having a couple classes picked out for me, which made the transition a lot easier."

- Kendall B., ACES Fall 2023 - Spring 2024

doodle four

"I applied to ACES to be around other people whose major was nursing and to make new friends. Not just that, but you also have ACES dorms with nursing students beside you. What I enjoy most about ACES is Hannah. If you need anything, she can help you or find someone to help you. If you're on the fence about applying to the ACES program, I would say DO IT. You will make a lot of friends and have a good time."

- Takyalah R., ACES Fall 2023 - Spring 2024

Meet the Staff

We are excited that you're interested in joining one of our learning communities for the Fall 2024 - Spring 2025 academic year!

Dr. Danlana Brooks

Dr. Danlana Brooks

Associate Director of Residential Learning and Leadership Development

Tuyetnhi Nguyen

Tuyetnhi Nguyen

Assistant Director of Academic Partnerships and Initiatives

Frequently Asked Questions


Unfortunately, you cannot do both ACES and Luckyday or Honors College. ACES students must live in the ACES residence hall for their community and cannot opt to live in Luckyday or Honors housing.


A key element of the program is the shared living environment in on-campus housing (Hattiesburg campus). It allows first-year students to engage in a supportive community as early as their first day on campus. As a result, you are not able to be a part of ACES and live off-campus.


The ACES program is a living learning program that requires students to live together on a specific floor of a residence hall and take specific classes together. As a result, you are required to live on the designated ACES floor. All of our ACES participants are assigned specific floors in Century Park North Building 3.

Click here to view Century Park North Building 3 information.

We ask that ACES students reside with other ACES students.

If you and your preferred roommate are both accepted into the ACES program, you and your desired roommate will both need to denote on your housing application that you want to room with each other. Both parties will need to have submitted their housing application, paid their housing fees, and denoted roommate preferences.

Please Note: Both roommates must be accepted into the ACES program due to the specific floor assignments.


You can submit both interest forms. However, if you receive invitations to join both learning communities, you will have to select one to participate in.


ACES communities are only on the Hattiesburg campus because of our live-on requirement. The Long Beach campus does not provide on-campus housing, which means they do not have ACES communities. 


If you have further questions about the ACES program, you can contact Housing and Residence Life by emailing reslifeFREEMississippi or calling 601.266.4783 Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m., CST.

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