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lowp logoSince 2001 the Live Oak Writing Project (LOWP) has been a collaborative program of The University of Southern Mississippi on the Coast and Mississippi coastal schools. Its purpose is to help teachers improve as writers and effective teachers of writing.
The project provides a model for ongoing professional development that builds independent local programs. Since writing is a skill that is complex, the project models research-based strategies to help students grow as readers, writers, and learners. Programs cross all grade levels and all disciplines.
The Live Oak Writing Project is located on the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Park campus in Long Beach, Mississippi. Visit us in Elizabeth Hall or contact us at 228.214.3373. LOWP may also be reached by fax (228.214.3242).

Dr. Rebecca Powell

Dr. Rebecca A. Powell, Director

Live Oak Writing Project
Assistant Professor of English
Elizabeth Hall 314
University of Southern Mississippi
Gulf Park Campus

P: 228.214.3435
E: rebecca.a.powellFREEMississippi

The National Writing Project, which is the parent group for Live Oak Writing Project, is built on the philosophy of teachers teaching teachers. Leadership is shared with both university faculty and public school faculty.  After teachers are trained in each summer's Invitational Summer Institute, they are encouraged to become active in the leadership of the site.

Co-Director of Live Oak Writing Project

Vickie Feazelle, M.Ed. Vickie Feazelle joined Live Oak Writing Project in 2008. She has been an integral part of the development of site work and blends her experience from Hancock County Middle School with her work with teachers in Summer Institute. Vickie is currently a trainer for the Mississippi Department of Education and Writing Project Collaboration. This is a three-year series of Common Core State Standards training presented at USM's Long Beach campus.





 LOWP Founders 

Mary Kay Deen

Mary Kay Deen and Dr. Frances Weiler began their affiliation with The National Writing Project as fellows of The South Mississippi Writing Project, housed on the Hattiesburg campus.  Dr. Jeanne Ezell, then director of SMWP, asked the two ladies to facilitate a satellite summer institute on the Gulf Park campus.  






Within two years, Mary Kay and Frances had recruited enough participants that it seemed appropriate to ask The National Writing Project's permission to create a new site.






In the fall of 2001, Elaine moved to The University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast and agreed to take on the role of site director.  Together, the three ladies completed the work of writing a funding proposal, garnering support from university stakeholders, and naming the organization: The Live Oak Writing Project.

Mary Kay Deen
Dr. Frances Weiler
Dr. Frances Weiler
Dr. Elaine White
Dr. J. Elaine White




teacher consultant The Teacher Consultant (TC) Council is the advisory group for Live Oak Writing Project.  Each person who is a co-director or committee chair/co-chair serves on the council.  This group is the heart of all LOWP work, serving on a voluntary basis to see that work is done in accordance with the philosophy of National Writing Project.

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