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Service Description

  • Account Management - We set up accounts for customers, help them log in, and remove accounts when necessary. We also make sure the customers have the appropriate level of access needed.
  • Scripting - We create scripts on servers to help move data appropriately. This could include anything from SQL scripts, FTP, or other scripting languages. We help get the data from our servers to the vendor or third-party systems.
  • Application Installation and Upgrades - For applications that we manage, we work with the vendor to manage upgrades. We make sure data integrity is maintained, downtime is minimized, and the vendor is assisted with technical support as needed.
  • Software Integration - We provide technical support and communication as a liaison between vendors and USM customers. We help manage the transferring of data from our systems to the vendor and vice-versa.
  • Application Software Maintenance - We ensure every Application server has all the software it needs to run. We handle the extra packages that need to be installed and/or upgraded for the system. If a vendor requires an upgrade, or additional software on which the application is dependent to maintain support, we help our customers upgrade to the correct version to keep their application running.
  • We provide systems overview, written instructions and assistance with tasks associated with applications.
  • We consult on purchases of software or peripherals related to our supported applications. 

Services Offered

Supported Applications (Enterprise Software)

Application Name Description
Ad Astra Scheduler Classroom scheduling
BadgePass Used to print ID cards for faculty/staff/students.
Cherwell Service Management software used to track incidents, service requests, change management and configuration data items for the central IT organization (iTech).
Eagle Alert (Regroup) Emergency communications via voice, text to speech, SMS, email, social media and RSS feeds.
Eagle File Transfer (GoAnywhere MFT) File transfer; file encryption; secure email software.
ImageNow  Document imaging and document management
Microsoft Office 365 Business Microsoft's cloud enterprise system that offers Office products, including the Office Suite, Outlook, Skype, OneDrive, and OneNote, and Teams.
Mvix Manages applications and devices for digital signage
Persona Campus Online Online access control software enables customized access by user, facility, or individual lock, and works with a variety of offline, Power over Ethernet (PoE) and WiFi locks.
Shibboleth The Shibboleth Internet2 middleware initiative created an architecture and open-source implementation for identity management and federated identity-based authentication and authorization (or access control) infrastructure based on Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML).
Transact Online bill payment; create online storefronts to sell products, services, and event registration.
Zoom Several Zoom webinar licenses are available for our university events with large audiences. We are subscribed to 3 licenses for 1,000 people and 2 licenses for 500 people. We help assign a license for your event. When your event is over, the license becomes available for the next event.


Supported Applications (Specialized Software or Limited Departments)

Aceware Student Manager is a complete course management and student registration software solution for Continuing Education, Community Education, Workforce Training, Career Centers, and Osher Livelong Learning Institute programs.
Accessible Information Management (AIM) Accommodation, appointment, and case management software for the Office of Disability Accommodations.
Barnes and Noble Series of scripts that run for Barnes and Noble. Student charges from the bookstore are sent to student accounts in SOAR.
ExLibris campusM campusM is a complete mobile solution that allows you to quickly and easily create college or university apps that engage prospects, students, faculty, staff, and alumni. We use this framework to build the iSouthernMS mobile application.
FileMaker Pro Create custom applications to manage contacts, manage projects, track assets and more.
Fusion Sports facilities and recreation management software.
Grades First Student Success Solution - advising, tutoring, predictive analytics, athletics, conversations, early alert management used by the Student Academic Enhancement Program in Athletics.
Handshake Connects employers and students; manages jobs and interview schedules used by Career Services.
HighPoint Mobile The mobile accompaniment to SOAR for students and faculty.
LandLord Max Property management software to charge rental for businesses that move into your location used by the Accelerator.
Maxient Manages behavior records at colleges and universities and allows for compliance with regulatory requirements.
Paciolan Ticketing Athletic Ticket Verification System
PCR 360 Telecom/telephony services lifecycle management and billing used by iTech.
Qualtrics Enterprise research platform
Quickbooks Accounting and invoicing software used by the Dubard School for Language Disorders.
RMS/Mercury Student housing and conference management software for universities. Used by the Department of Housing and Residence Life.
Rosetta Stone Computer-based language learning used by the Dubard School for Language Disorders.
Shiprite Point of sale and shipping system used by the Image Center/Copy Center Services, Photo Services, and the Post Office.
T2 Parking management and parking permits
TeamWorks Sports team collaboration, communication, and scheduling.
Terra Dotta Study Abroad software to ensure that applicants, staff, administrators, and parents receive the important information they need.
TimeClock Plus Time and attendance tracking software used by several departments at our university including iTech.
TMA (The Maintenance Authority) Maintenance management software used by Physical Plant.
Trackpad UPS tracking software for parcels and documents used by the Post Office.



Student, faculty, staff, and affiliates are eligible.

To Request Service

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Normal business hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. 

For Problems or Issues, Contact

iTech Help Desk

Walk-In and Phone Hours:

Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Located in Cook Library 103

Phone Number: 601.266.HELP (4357)

Email: helpdeskFREEMississippi

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Related Charges

No cost to departments for iTech application support services. There may be shared cost for licensing, vendor maintenance, or vendor support. To determine if there is cost involved, please enter a work order.

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