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Computer Exchange Program Policy

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1.0 - Purpose


The Computer Exchange Green Program is designed to:

  • Encourage regularly scheduled updating of obsolete equipment
  • Standardize the computing environment for compatibility and service offering
  • Reduce costs by utilizing computers that are beyond manufacturer’s warranty 

This Policy will govern the Program which is administered by iTech.

Green Computers are no longer under manufacturer’s warranty but still may have useful life.  There are no restrictions for Green Computers for employees and university departments.


Goals and Objectives

The Program has three primary goals:

  1. To provide equitable access to technology for faculty and staff of the university
  2. To help ensure that computing resources at the university are adequate for performing work related tasks
  3. To assist all departments in obtaining computing resources


The objectives of the CEP are to:

  • Help ensure that eligible faculty and staff who use computing resources in their positions have access to a computer of sufficient capability to support Basic Computing Needs in fulfillment of their work responsibilities
  • Streamline the specification and deployment of CEP Computers, and disposal of old equipment
  • Minimize support costs by providing technology that is current, standard, and stable
  • Implement minimum standards for the university’s computing resources that will increase the supportability of the institution's installed base of equipment
  • Evaluate the Program annually, monitor information collected through audits, technology improvements, feedback from program participants, external vendor and industry sources, and institutional priorities in order to make recommendations
  • Promote software compliance
  • To reduce waste by reutilizing computers that may still have useful life



2.0 - Scope

Available Green Equipment

Computers offered in the Green program are Dell and Apple that met university standards at the time of purchase and have varying specifications.  Laptop chargers, monitors, keyboards and mice are not included. 


Eligibility for Green Computers

The following individuals are eligible to participate in the Green program:

  • Full-Time faculty and staff
  • Part-Time permanent faculty and staff
  • Student Employees are eligible when a member of faculty and staff sponsors them by completing the request form on their behalf


3.0 - Policy

 The Green Program is administered as follows:

  • A computer with useful life will replace a computer in situations listed above in the Eligibility for Green Computers
  • Ownership of the Green Computer will be transferred to the CEP Recipient’s department after the Exchanged Computer is transferred to Surplus
  • There are no limits on the number of Green Computers that may be obtained by an individual recipient


 Exchange Computers for Green Program:

  1. As an employee/department/unit evaluates the current computing situation and determines that the current computer no longer meets the basic computing needs, a request must be submitted for an exchange for Green Computers.
  2. Submitted requests are evaluated within one week and those eligible will be notified of next steps.
  3. Eligible requests for Green Computers will be fulfilled if Green Computers are available.
  4. Recipients are asked to review information about the Program that includes instructions on how to schedule an appointment for delivery or pick-up and transferring the Exchange Computer.
  5. A  Program Recipient will have up to 30 days after delivery/pick-up of the Computer to transfer the Exchange Computer to Surplus by their department’s Property Accounting Contact. This provides an opportunity to complete the transfer of data from the Exchange Computer to the CEP Computer. 
  6. After data is transferred to the CEP Computer, the Exchange Computer must be sent to Surplus to be disposed of in accordance with state law.


CEP Computers – General Information

  • CEP Green Computers are individually assigned and become part of the inventory of the department/unit of the Recipient. 
  • If a Recipient changes jobs within the university, the Computer remains with the department/unit that provided the Exchange Computer. 
  • If a CEP Recipient terminates employment with the university, the CEP Computer remains with the department/unit that provided the Exchange Computer for the CEP Recipient’s replacement.

The Redistribution of University Computer Equipment Policy governs the redistribution of equipment to university employees; it is the responsibility of each department/unit to ensure adherence to this and all policies of the university. 


4.0 - Enforcement

  • CEP Recipients of a Green Computer who choose to keep their Exchange Computer beyond the predetermined time period and choose not to send it to Surplus are subject to a $50 late fee being assessed against the department budget.
  • CEP Computers will be transferred to the Recipient’s department/unit after the Exchange Computer is transferred to Surplus. The Recipient’s department will be responsible for the device until it is decommissioned or otherwise removed from the inventory of the department/unit.
  • CEP Computers are configured for Microsoft Active Directory and should remain on Microsoft Active Directory for support purposes. 
  • Each of the computer models available through the Green Program have functioning components and the current operating system software.  Damages to a computer and/or components that occur are the financial liability of the department/unit of the Recipient’s department.
  • Replacement components for CEP Computers that have been transferred to a department/unit (such as battery past warranty, power brick/cord past warranty, broken laptop screens, etc.) are the financial liability of the department/unit of the CEP Recipient.


5.0 - Definitions

  • Green Computers are no longer under the manufacturer’s warranty but have useful life remaining
  • Basic Computing Needs – include word processing, electronic messaging, Library access, Internet (web) access, spreadsheet, simple database, and basic institutional data access. Other specialized needs, such as secondary computers, advanced hardware, and other specialized capability are available through department/unit funding.
  • CEP – Computer Exchange Program or the Program
  • CEP Computer – a computer that is provided through the CEP
  • CEP Recipient – An individual who receives a CEP administered computer
  • Exchange Computer – A computer that is  exchanged for a CEP Computer
  • Microsoft (MS) Active Directory – A service that allows effective administration and support of computer technology across the university from a remote location and improves security to help meet State of MS requirements.
  • Surplus – The university department charged with the disposal of obsolete equipment purchased with taxpayer funds provided by the State of Mississippi
  • Property Accounting Contact – One or more individuals in each department who have access to the online inventory system (AssetWorks) and are able to transfer tagged equipment from one department to another  


Revision History

2014-01-17 Program Overhaul

2012-07-10 New Fac & alternate OS mods

2011-09-14 Weekly fulfillment

2011-02-28 Initial publication

2015-07-28 Green program revisions

2016-06-23 Gold program revisions

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