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Microsoft 365 - Mailing Groups

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Microsoft 365 includes a feature known as "Unified Groups." These groups can be self-created in Outlook or Microsoft Teams.

By default, all groups created have an email address assigned to them. Anyone can email to this address, and the email will be sent to the group members.

Mailing Groups

In some cases, a department may need more options regarding group email. This would be more like the functionality previously provided using "Listserv." We refer to these groups as "mailing groups" - as they are intended to be used primarily for email communication.

Mailing Groups options include:

  • Branding: Mailing groups include an email address for more official email purpose.
  • Moderation: Allow requested user(s) to be moderators for all received email to the group. Note: If enabled, all email will need to be approved by the moderators unless the message is sent by a moderator. Specific addresses cannot be excluded from moderation.
  • No-reply: Can be configured for outbound email only, preventing anyone from sending to the group email address.
  • Send-As: Allow requested users in the group to "send-as" the email address - so recipients see the email as coming from the group email address instead of the individual themselves.

How to Get Help with Mailing Groups

You will need to enter a service request through the iTech Help Desk web portal for configuration of a mailing group. Forms have been created to assist in gathering the needed information.

  1. Login to the Help Desk Service Request Portal.
  2. Select Services. Select Services
  3. Select Email/Calendaring.
  4. Select Mailing Groups.

    Here you will see the various options regarding mailing groups.

    • Request New Mailing Group - Request a new mailing group, along with any additional options you may need for your mailing group.
    • Change M365 Group to a Mailing Group - If you already have an existing Microsoft 365 group that you have created, but would like to convert it to a mailing group with an email address.
    • Request/Change Moderation - Modify existing mailing group to enable/disable moderation.
    • Configure No-reply - When only outbound email is needed, and you don't want anyone to email the group.
    • Configure Send-As Permissions - Modify existing mailing group to allow users to "send-as."
    • Change Mailing Group Name - Change the name of an existing mailing group email address.
    • Troubleshoot Mailing Group - Ask a question or report a problem with a mailing group.

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