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School of Kinesiology and Nutrition

Faculty Research Areas

Research-active faculty members provide you with direct access to relevant topics and issues. 

Faculty Member Research Interests
Dr. Daniel Credeur How acute and chronic exercise, as well as physical inactivity, affect the cardiovascular system in human health and disease.
Dr. Trent Gould The science and discovery of how sports materials and protective sport equipment interface with human biomechanics to prevent injury.
Dr.%20Joann%20Judge Research interests include autism spectrum disorder, motor skill development, video modeling, and eye-tracking technology.
Dr.%20Matthew%20Jessee The use of non-invasive techniques to investigate the acute and chronic effects of various exercise modalities on skeletal muscle health and function.
Dr. Stephanie McCoy How physical activity affects maladaptive behaviors, cognitive function, and academic achievement in childrenandadolescentswithautismspectrumdisorder. 
Dr.%20Nuno%20Oliveira Develop biofeedback-based interventions directed at improving human performance.
Dr. Scott Piland 

Prevention, diagnosis and management of the brain injury of concussion along with the development, design and evaluation of sport protective equipment to include body padding, bracing and headgear.

Dr. Zhanxin Sha

The investigation of athletes’ speed and agility performance, kinematic and kinematic analyses of human movement, and central obesity and diabetes.

Dr. Melissa Thompson Coaching education with specific emphasis on coaching ethics and the coaching internship.