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Lake Thoreau Environmental Center

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Lake Thoreau MapLake Thoreau Environmental Center is composed of two sections of property: the Eubanks Preserve (shown left in figure) and the Longleaf Preserve (shown right in figure).


Lake Thoreau Trail





Eubanks Preserve:

The Eubanks Preserve is a 131-acre section of property accessible from Thoreau Drive with miles of public hiking trails, an 11-acre artificial lake to fish, as well as the Natural History Collections Building. This facility is open to the public on Saturday and Sunday: 8:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M. As a reminder, fishing must be completed and boats off the lake by 4:45 P.M.


Longleaf Preserve:

The Longleaf Preserve is a 160-acre section of land only accessible to the public from the Longleaf Trace. This section currently has over 11 miles of biking and hiking trails winding through a beautiful longleaf pine savannah, an area with trees almost 100 years old! This trail system, known as the Golden Eagle Trail Complex is open daily for biking, hiking, and running from dawn until dusk. Please remember; however, that several acres of this property are closed to the visiting public, and not accessible at any time.


Please remember that several sections of both properties are closed to the public.



Sensitive Research Zone SignThese areas are only accessible by Lake Thoreau staff and those with research approved by the Lake Thoreau Committee. All trails that should not be accessed are marked with signs noting ‘Sensitive Research Zone’. Please do not enter these zones, as active research is a continuing component of Lake Thoreau, and entering may disrupt a critical program. 




Thank you for abiding by these rules.

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Lake Thoreau Environmental Center
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