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Lake Thoreau Environmental Center

Reptiles and Amphibians

Lake Thoreau Environmental Center is home to several species of amphibians and reptiles, representing much of the diversity seen throughout the Southeast. Currently, 44 species of amphibians and reptiles have been identified on the property. Please remember to enjoy all animals from a safe distance, and do not handle or capture any animal.  If you find any amphibian or reptile not listed, please contact Dr. Carl Qualls at (601) 266-6906 or carl.quallsFREEMississippi. If able, photograph your find from a safe distance.

If you would like to see how many species you can find on your nature hike at Lake Thoreau, feel free to print a copy of our updated species list or pick up one at our collections building and see what you can find. We hope to see you at Lake Thoreau Environmental Center!


For a detailed list, please click here. 

  • 14 species of frogs 
  • 7 species of salamanders 
  • 6 species of lizards 
  • 18 species of snakes 
  • 6 species of turtles



We are also compiling a photo gallery of reptiles and amphibians found at Lake Thoreau. Please check back with us as we finish this project.