Advisory Board

OLLI is a member-driven organization. We are guided by an extraordinary advisory board comprised of members from both chapters of our program with varying years of experience with OLLI and a host of professional and civic engagement. The OLLI Advisory Board includes officers who serve one-year terms and the chairs of our various committees. The members for the 2015-2016 Academic Year are:


Loretta Clissold, President

Wilber Chambers, Vice President

Linda Foshee, Secretary

Frances Stringer, Associate Secretary

Mo Conville, Member-at-Large

Ellen Davies, Member-at-Large

Susan Pollard, Member-at-Large

Committee Chairs

Betty Dettre, Art 

Karen LeBeau, Buildings and Grounds

(Brett Harris), Curriculum

Nick Adams and Nanci Youngblood, Communications

George Crook, Finance

(Brett Harris), Fundraising

Joann Munghia, Gulf Park

Alice Chambers and Joelle Crook, Membership and Marketing       

Judy Chambliss, Social

Rita Bush, Technology