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OLLI Step-by-Step Registration Instructions for Current Members


Go to the OLLI home page:
(NOTE: If your membership is not current, you will not be able to select any courses until you have put a membership in your cart.)

  1. On the left side menu bar, select either ‘Gulf Park Courses’ or ‘Hattiesburg Courses’.  Follow the instructions directly under the campus name. You will be redirected to the OLLI Course Schedule Guide Home where you may select classes, seminars and field trips. To actually register for classes, etc., you must select SIGN IN in the text at the middle of the page. That will take you to the page where you again select SIGN IN (near top right).
  2. Your username is typically FirstName.LastName. If you are unable to sign in because you do not remember your password, DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT. Instead, call your campus office (Hattiesburg 601.264.2780 or Gulf Park 228.214.3277) for assistance.
  3. After you have signed in and selected your courses, return to the top of the page and select VIEW CART. Once you have confirmed your selections, select CHECK OUT at the bottom of the page. If you want to return to course selection instead of checking out, select COURSE CATALOG HOME or COURSE SCHEDULE GUIDE HOME along the top.
  4. You will be asked to confirm your contact information. You may select either EDIT PROFILE or NEXT. If you select EDIT PROFILE, make the necessary changes, then select NEXT.
  5. Hattiesburg members enter N/A in each field in the parking section, then select NEXT. Gulf Park members are required to complete the parking section with accurate details, then select NEXT.
  6. Choose your payment method and select NEXT. Complete the billing information section, and select NEXT. Review your information, and select PURCHASE.
    • Paying online with a credit or debit card? You will be redirected to the secure payment page. (NOTE: If you attempt to return to the previous page at this point, you will be unable to pay online and will need to come to OLLI to pay.)
    • Paying in office with cash, check, credit or debit card? Your online registration is complete -- you may exit by select SIGN OUT. Payments are due seven days before classes meet.

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Hattiesburg Campus

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Gulf Park Campus

Elizabeth Hall 104               730 E. Beach Blvd.          
Long Beach, MS 39560

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