Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Interested in getting involved in OLLI beyond the classes? Consider joining (or starting) a SIG! SIGsare a chance for members to focus on one particular area of interest beyond what we’re able to offer in our classes. They are completely member-driven. Some meet on campus while others meet around town. As of now, there are 6 SIGs at OLLI:


Book Club: 2nd Friday of Every Month, 10:00am @ the Peck House

Creative Writing for Fun: 1st Monday of Every Month, 10:00am @ the Peck House

Crochet: Mondays, 12:30pm @ the Peck House

Current Events: Mondays, 10:00am @ the Peck House

Great Books Reading Group: 4th Friday of Every Month, 9:30am @ the Peck House

Guitar: Wednesdays, 11:30am @ University Baptist Church

Life Story Writing: 1st Friday of Every Month 12:00pm @ the Peck House

The Notable Singers: Mondays, 2:30pn @ the Peck House

Poetry: 3rd Friday of Every Month, 12:00pm @ the Peck House

Gulf Park

Book Club: 3rd Friday of Every Month, 1:00pm in Elizabeth Hall 

If you’d like to start a SIG let us know by calling the office at (601) 264-2780 or (228) 214-3277.