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Jian Sun

Jian Sun

Research Assistant Professor


Dr. Sun has obtained her PhD in Physical Chemistry at the Institute of Chemistry, The Chinese Academy of Sciences. She did her postdoctoral training in the Department of Biochemistry at Dartmouth College studying reactive oxygen species generation in mitochondrial respiration complexes. She then joined The Ohio State University as Research Scientist and performed oxidative stress studies on nitric oxide synthase enzymes function in ischemia/reperfusion heart. While at Ohio State, Dr. Sun also worked on provitamin A carotenoids metabolism and regulatory functions on retinoid x receptor. At USM, Dr. Sun’s research interests focus on understanding the structural details of critical protein-protein interactions related to HIV-1 integrase and evaluation new anti-viral compounds in vitro and in mammalian cell cultures. She also works on the interactions of HIV-1 integrase with nucleic acid substrates during the late stage of viral replication.

  • PhD – Institute of Chemistry (Beijing), The Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • MS – Shandong University


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