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Piano Professor Preference

Teacher Assignment Policy

In the USM School of Music all piano majors are taught by faculty members, not graduate assistants. The Director of the School assigns students to specific piano professors, in consultation with faculty members. The Director considers the student’s preference for a particular professor, the professor’s preference for a particular student, and the size of each professor’s studio. Please note that selecting a preference does not guarantee placement into a particular studio. The choice of an applied professor can make a difference in a student’s choice of school. If you are not familiar with our faculty, we encourage you to research our professors prior to submitting this form.

  • Review the professors’ online bios and relevant information found elsewhere on the internet. Note: Graduate Collaborative Piano Majors study with Dr. Michael Bunchman.
  • Individually contact the professor(s) with any questions that you might have.
  • Talk to others in the field for recommendations.
  • Talk to friends who have studied or taken master classes with them.
  • Set up a meeting, or sample lesson (either can be done via the internet, if need be) with the professor(s). Our admissions process is independent of whether you have met, or contacted one of our professors.

Keyboard professors contact information


Deadlines, Changes, Confirmation, and Questions

If applying for Fall/August admission, this form should be submitted no later than April 1. If your audition was a late audition (after April 1), submit this form no later than two weeks after your completed audition.

If applying for Spring/January admission, this form should be submitted no later than November 1 (or no later than two weeks after your completed audition).

If there is a change in preference, an updated preference form should be submitted as soon as possible.

Confirmation of the applied studio assignment is generally sent not long after both acceptance and scholarship/assistantship offers are made. If you do not receive your professor assignment and your school acceptance decision, please contact the School of Music Administrative Specialist (contact info below).

All questions regarding the assignment of piano professors should be directed to the School of Music Administrative Specialist for Admissions Ms. Laurie%20Rinko.

No teacher assignment can be made without submission of this form.

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