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Southern Miss Grants License to INCONTROL for Software Development

Wed, 04/30/2014 - 09:35am

The University of Southern Mississippi has granted an exclusive license to an international company for multiple pieces of USM proprietary intellectual property to be used in software development to produce custom simulation modeling and training systems for sport stadiums, arenas and other venues.

INCONTROL Simulation Solutions, a Netherlands-based firm, will use the computer-based simulation training system, SportEvac™, which can be directly applied in the sport security industry. The system was developed National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) at USM through a multi-year research effort.

Chase Kasper, Director of the USM Office of Technology Development, which oversees the intellectual property and licensing portfolio for USM, stated that the company intends to integrate USM's system into a segment of INCONTROL's current products and services.

“INCONTROL is a global leader in crowd management and crowd management control systems,” Kasper said. “We are excited about their capabilities and potential product offerings which will incorporate the by-products of many years of quality research efforts at NCS4. The relationship will create even greater opportunities for USM and INCONTROL in the future.

In July 2013, INCONTROL opened a new office in Hattiesburg, Miss., and currently operates out of the Trent Lott National Center for Economic Development and Entrepreneurship at The University of Southern Mississippi campus. According to Azizur Rahman, Vice President of North America for INCONTROL, this agreement is a tangible example of what INCONTROL envisioned when the company located to Mississippi.

“INCONTROL will be able to capitalize on valuable research and information to enable continuous development and enhance our products and services that target the needs of end-users within the industry,” according to Rahman.

About The National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security

 Established in 2006, The National Center for Spectator Sports and Security specifically focuses on research, education, and outreach in sport event security, providing an interdisciplinary academic environment to further increase sport security awareness, improve sport security policies and procedures and enhance emergency responses through evacuation, recovery operations and crowd management training. For more information, visit the NCS4 conference website at

About INCONTROL Simulation Solutions

 INCONTROL Simulation Solutions is the leading manufacturer of simulation software with over 20 years of experience. INCONTROL's simulation software is used in large scale logistic systems and infrastructures such as baggage handling systems, container terminals, train stations, assembly lines and football stadiums across the globe. INCONTROL has offices located in The Netherlands, Germany, the United States of America and China that provide software, implementation, product training and 24-hour support.