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School of Performing and Visual Arts


What is Revelry?

A multi-arts event celebrating the artistic work of faculty and students in the School of Performing and Visual Arts at Southern Miss, which boasts over 50 events. Special programming of artistic and creative activities for the week include master classes, workshops, guest and visiting artists, family-friendly events, and formal productions. 

This multi-arts week has been an opportunity for the programs in the School of Performing and Visual Arts, including Art and Design, Dance, and Theatre, to collaborate and build community within the School and throughout Hattiesburg.

Revelry 2020: February 7-20, 2020

Headlining Events


With over 50+ events, curate your own Revelry 2020 schedule below by bookmarking your favorite events in 3 simple steps (or 4 if using a mobile device):

  1. Click on the 'Menu' icon on the top-right (Mobile)
  2. Click on 'Sign Up' or 'Log In' to create your own "Sched" Account
  3. Hover your mouse over the event you are interested in
  4. Click on 'Add to my Sched'

Almost all the Revelry events are free with the exception of the headlining events including the Dance Gala and the USM Theatre production of Eugene O’Neill's "Ah, Wilderness."

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