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University Police Department

Patrol Division

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PS 885 New Design
UPD Patrol
Hattiesburg/Gulf Coast Divisions 
Phone: 601.266.4986


The University Police Department is staffed primarily by certified, sworn police officers. Each officer undergoes training at a MS Certified Law Enforcement Training Academy. Once that is completed, each officer goes through advanced training to meet the standards of CALEA. This includes advanced weapon training, report writing, investigative techniques, etc. In order to be employed as a police officer one must be able to pass a background check and an oral interview. In a addition, one of the following is required:
  • A current Mississippi law enforcement officers professional certificate
  • Prior law enforcement certification, with the ability to complete refresher training
  • Ability to complete requirements to enter and complete a basic law enforcement academy
The University Police Department hires persons with and without law enforcement experience as police officers. Those hired without law enforcement experience will be sent to a police academy at Camp Shelby or Pearl, Mississippi.

Hattiesburg Patrol Division

Lt. Jared Pierce
Patrol Lieutenant
Jared Pierce
Platoon A
Sgt. Darra CooksDarra CooksPatrol Sergeant
Darra Cooks
Officer Justus SmithPatrol Officer
Justus Smith
Officer Adam RittenhousePatrol Officer
Adam Rittenhouse
(Vacant)Patrol Officer
Platoon B
Sgt. Andrew AdcockPatrol Sergeant
Andrew Adcock
Officer Destiny MaysPatrol Officer
Destiny Mays
Officer Alex ColemanPatrol Officer
Officer Alex Coleman
  (Vacant)Patrol Officer
Platoon C
Patrol Sergeant Margaret BennettPatrol Sergeant
Margaret Bennett
Int. Patrol Sergeant Ethan RichPatrol Sergeant
Ethan Rich
Officer Shanice BoltonPatrol Officer
Shanice Bolton
Officer George KeysPatrol Officer 
George Keys
Platoon D
Sergeant Marlen Vazquez-SilvaPatrol Sergeant
Marlen Vazquez-Silva
Officer Bobby WalkerPatrol Officer
Bobby Walker
Officer Tim HillPatrol Officer
Tim Hill
(Vacant)Patrol Officer


Special Operations Unit

Special Operations Supervisor (Vacant)Special Operations Supervisor (Vacant)
Officer Justus SmithBike Patrol Officer
Justus Smith
Bike Patrol Officer (Vacant)Bike Patrol Officer
  Bike Patrol Officer (Vacant) Bike Patrol Officer 


Gulf Coast Patrol Division

(Vacant)Patrol Lieutenant
(Vacant)Patrol Sergeant
VacantPatrol Sergeant
Officer Karen BrashearPatrol Officer
Karen Brashear
Officer Rodney BeasleyPatrol Officer
Rodney Beasley
Officer Russell LockardPatrol Officer
Russell Lockard
Officer Israel NeffPatrol Officer
Isreal Neff
Patrol Officer (Vacant)Patrol Officer
Brett Bocian
Officer Kyle StrongPatrol Officer
Kyle Strong
Officer Bradly LynnPatrol Officer
Bradly Lynn
Officer Miguel ThomasPatrol Officer
Miguel Thomas

Another important component of our department are known as Campus Safety Staff or CSS's. These non-sworn personnel are responsible for securing the various buildings on campus, performing routine security checks of their assigned areas and provide on-site presence in dorms and residential areas throughout campus during evening and night hours.

 If you are interested in employment as a Campus Safety Staff member the requirements are being able to pass a background check and oral interview. Be sure to check the Southern Miss Human Resources website for job postings as they become available. 
Campus Safety Staff
(Hattiesburg and Gulf Coast Campuses)
Hattiesburg CSS Tony FlukerHattiesburg CSS
Tony Fluker
CSS Barbra StephensonHattiesburg CSS
Barbra Stephenson
CSO Anthony BlackwellHattiesburg CSS
Anthony Blackwell
CSS Aidan OlgilvieGulf Coast CSS
Aidan Ogilvie
CSS Laura GaudetGulf Coast CSS
Laura Gaudet
CSO James SwinnieGulf Coast CSS
James Swinnie
(Vacant)Gulf Coast CSS
Robert Collins
CSO Timothy EllisGulf Coast CSS
Timothy Ellis
CSS Christopher FieldsGulf Coast CSS
Brandon Watson


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