Student News

Gillian Purser, a 2018 graduate of the Department of Political Science, International Development and International Affairs, will begin the University of Alabama School of Law in the Fall 2018 semester. She will be pursuing the study of constitutional law. Purser, who earned a Bachelor of Science in Political Science in 2018, says "the Political Science Department has been especially impactful in my journey to law school. The department provided me with a thorough understanding not only of relevant coursework, but also of what it realistically looks like to be a lawyer. My political science classes instilled in me a deep love of learning about the law and helped me to solidify my goal of eventually returning to Mississippi to work in public service."

Dr. Troy Gibson's paper, God Says It, That Settles It? The Nature and Place of Moral Authorities in Political Discourse, was published in the March 2018 edition of Christian Bioethics: Non-Ecumenical Studies in Medical Morality. Click here to check it out!

Dr. Joseph Weinberg's paper, European Union Member States in Cross-National Analyses, was selected to be discussed by a panel on the subject. To see what each panel member had to say, click on this link!

The Chair of our department, Dr. Edward Sayre's first book has been published. Stop by our department or click here and check it out!

Name: Bentley Anderson


What year did you graduate from Southern Miss?  2009

What was your major?  Political Science

Where are you currently employed or attending school?  Delta Tau Delta Fraternity

Job title or current school program? Director of Volunteer Recruitment

Why did you choose your Southern Miss major or graduate program?
I am fond of studying human nature as it relates to politics, systems of government, how those systems works, and how human beings live in civilized society with each other.

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