Events and Activities

February 21 - Can Drive Deadline

March 21 - University Forum @ 6:30 Bennett Auditorium The Selfie Vote: Millenials and the Republican Party by Kristin Soltis Anderson

March 23 - Posters in the Rotunda

April 11 - University Forum @ 6:30 Bennett Auditorium Tribe: War Veterans by Sebastian Junger

April 22 - Undergraduate Research Symposium

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January 19-April 28 - Student Success Series. Click here to view the Schedule.

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Dr. Weinberg's paper, European Union Member States in Cross-National Analyses was selected to be discussed by a panel on the subject. To see what each panel member had to say, click on this link!

The Chair of our department, Dr. Edward Sayre's first book has been published. Stop by our department or click here and check it out!

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