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Office of the Registrar

Grade Entry


Grade Entry Schedule - Summer 2020


Roster Type

Available for Grade Entry

Posting Deadline

Notification to Students

Session I and CE2   Not Attending June 1 June 8 @ 5 pm Nightly 
Final June 25 July 2 @ 5 pm  July 3
Regular and CE1
Not Attending June 1 June 8 @ 5 pm  Nightly 
Interim June 25 July 6 @ 5 pm  Immediate
Final July 27
August 3 @ 11 am August 5
Session II and CE3 Final July 27 August 3 @ 11 am August 5

There will be a processing delay for final grades entered after the posting deadline. If grades are submitted late, they will not be posted in SOAR or printed on the transcript until the next scheduled processing of University-wide final grade rosters.

Not Attending and Interim rosters are not posted to students’ official records but are visible in their advisement records. 

Grade Roster Types 

Not Attending

The Not Attending roster is designed to make sure that students are attending the classes and sections they are officially enrolled in. It is visible only in SOAR and is not shown on students' official transcripts.  Grade changes are not necessary on the Not Attending roster.


Interim grades provide feedback to students and their advisors about how they are doing early in the class, which can help them make changes if needed to improve their performance.  Interim grades are visible only in SOAR and are not shown on students' official transcripts.  Grade changes are not necessary on the Interim roster.


The Final roster is the official record of students' academic performance in their classes and will be shown on their official transcripts. 

Grade Entry Instructions

Grade rosters are available via the SOAR Faculty Center according to the schedule above. Instructions for entering grades for interim and/or final grade rosters are available in the instruction guide.

Grade Entry Instruction Guide (2-page PDF)

Grade Import Instructions

Faculty also have the option to import their grades from a Comma Separated file (*.csv).  Below are instructions for both Windows and Macs.

Import grades with Windows computer (4-pg PDF)
Import grades with with Mac computer (4-pg PDF)

Grade Entry Policies 

Students Not Enrolled But Attending Class

A student not on the roster is not officially enrolled. Please use your SOAR rosters to verify that the students attending your class are all officially enrolled. If a student is not on your roster, please do not allow him/her to attend your class until he/she provides documentation verifying enrollment. Submitting the student's name to the Registrar's Office will not add the student to the class. The student must complete a Permission to Add form and submit it to the Registrar's Office.

Students Not Attending Class (NA Grade)

To comply with U.S. Department of Education regulations, the University must identify students who are not attending class. A grade of NA (Not Attending) should be issued to any student listed on the roster that did not attend the class or that who stopped attending prior to graded assignments. Non-compliance with this policy will jeopardize federal funding for financial aid.

The Registrar's and Financial Aid offices will send correspondence to all students not attending classes. Students have the responsibility to withdraw from these classes by completing a Drop Form or withdrawing from the University. Failure to do so will result in a grade of "F" or "NA" for each class the student did not attend. 

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