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Fall Intersession: August 1 – 17, 2022

What is an intersession?

An intersession is a short session that happens in the three weeks before the full fall and spring semesters. Intersession classes are intense, because they deliver a full semester class in a very short time frame. Because of the intensity, students can only take one class (up to four credit hours) during an intersession.


How are intersession courses different from regular classes?

Because of the short time period, classes are intense and require a significant amount of work outside the classroom. Many students find that being immersed in a single subject they are studying every day helps them learn and retain better.

Do intersession classes count as part of the full semester for credit hours/financial aid?

Yes. The January intersession is considered part of spring semester, so any class you take then will be part of your spring semester hours for enrollment and financial aid purposes. For example, if you take three hours in the intersession and twelve hours in the regular full session, you will have 15 hours for spring.


Who should take an intersession class?

There are many reasons to take an intersession course. Students may have fallen behind or switched majors and need an extra class to stay on track for timely graduation. They may want to reduce their course load the following semester so they have more time to focus on each class. They may have had difficulty passing a course, and want to retake it in an immersive atmosphere without the distraction of 3–5 other classes.


How much do intersession classes cost?

Tuition is included in full-time tuition provided you are within the 12-19 hour window the following semester, but there is a $20 per credit hour course fee, so a 3-credit intersession course costs $60, which is folded in to your charges for the following semester. If you are on financial aid, be sure to speak to a financial aid counselor about your options for intersession courses.


August 2022 Intersession Classes



ACC 323 - Introduction to Intermediate Accounting 

ACC 692 - Special Problems in Accounting

ART 130 - Art Appreciation 

ENG 203 - World Literature 

ENG 491 - Secondary English Practicum

KIN 302 - Exercise Testing and Prescription 

KIN 308 - Exercise Physiology

MAT 101 - College Algebra

MLS 405/505 - Clinical Parasitology

MLS 405L/505L - Clinical Parasitology Laboratory 

PSY 110 - General Psychology 

SPA 501 - Spanish Reading for Research



ACC 323 - Introduction to Intermediate Accounting 

AEC 101 - History of the Built Environment 

AEC 300 - Seminar

GHY 341 - Geography and World Political Affairs 

NFS 362 - Nutrition 

PS 101 - American Government 

PSY 360 - Introduction to Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

SOC 101 - Understanding Society: Principles of Sociology 










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