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Office of the Registrar

Registration Errors

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Common Registration Errors


Error Description

Action Needed


Error:  Unable to complete your request.  You do not have access to perform this transaction at this time.


The drop/add deadline has passed.  Click on the Special Permission button to get permission to drop and/or add the class.  If no button is available, the last day to process add/drop a class has passed; therefore, contact the instructor of the class.


Closed Class

Error:  Not Enrolled. Class is full.  If a wait list is available, click Add Another Class to return to step 1. Click the class link, select the wait list option and resubmit your request.


As of spring 2014, wait list is only available for a few labs.  If the registration is for a class without a waitlist, Click Add Another class to return to step 1 and select a different class.

Alternative: Contact the department of the course to determine if they will allow enrollment.


Time Conflict

Error:  You cannot add this class due to a time conflict with class number XXXX.  Select another class.


Class number XXXX meets at same time or overlaps with selected class.  Select another class. Contact the academic department for any alternative.



Error: You have a hold on your record. The hold on your record must be removed before this transaction can be processed.


Check your holds on your Student Center. Click on the details and the link for the hold for instructions.


-          NEE – must be advised – Contact your department to be cleared for registration

-          BNT – you have a balance – Account must be cleared of all current and prior balances.

-          ATHL – Athletes are registered through Student Athletic Enhancement Support Program.

-          SUS – Academic suspension – Students with SUS must get cleared from academic suspension prior to registration.

-          PRBC – Academic Probation Continued – Students with Academic Probation Continued must be advised and cleared from Academic College prior to registration.




Error: Unable to add this class - term maximum exceeded. Adding this class would exceed the maximum number of units or courses allowed for this term.


You have reached the maximum units allowed in a term.  To receive permission for an excess number of hours, contact your department.  You will be charged additional tuition based on the number of hours added.



Error:  Unable to add/drop this class – requisites have not been met.  Prerequisites and Co-requisite listed


Classes listed as pre and co-requisites are required to be taken to enroll in selected course.  If you have transferred the requisite course, contact the department of the course for an override.


Error: Unable to Drop Class, will drop below required minimum units for enrollment.

Dropping all classes is a University Withdrawal.  You should complete the Withdrawal process via SOAR under Drop All Classes.

Students who are adjusting the schedule should drop and add courses individually to remain enrolled for the term instead of withdrawing.

Enrollment Appointment

Error: No Valid Appointment Found and Open Enrollment Period has not begun.

Currently enrolled students are given an enrollment appointment window to pre-register for courses.  Check the time and date listed on the Student Center for the Enrollment Appointment.


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