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Reverse Transfer


Reverse Transfer Process

Mississippi community college students are well aware that they can transfer credits from their community colleges to four-year institutions and that those credits will count toward earning a bachelor's degree. Many may not be aware that the reverse is also true.

Reverse Transfer allows students who have transferred from a community college to a public university with at least 16 transferrable credits to transfer credits earned at the four-year institution back to the community college. These reverse transfer credits count toward earning an associate degree, which gives students an additional credential and improves employability.

The Reverse Transfer Process is simple. Once you have completed at least one semester at the university, request the university send your transcript back to the community college you attended. Contact the registrar at the community college you attended and ask them to analyze your transcript with the credits you earned at both institutions to determine if you are eligible to receive an associate degree.

The registrar will notify you if you are eligible and then all that is left to do is pay the graduation fees, if any, and you will receive your diploma. Some community colleges also require you to complete a graduation application; check with the registrar to determine if any additional forms or fees are required to receive your diploma. Receiving your diploma signifies that you have achieved a milestone en route to a bachelor's degree and serves as another building block in your foundation for success.


To be eligible to participate in the Reverse Transfer program, a student must:

  • Complete 62 hours in the courses required at either the community college or university to complete the requirements for an associate degree in accordance with the policies of the individual community college. At least 16 transferrable credit hours must be completed at a single community college.
  • Be a current or former student at the community college from which you are applying for a diploma and a current or former student at a public university in Mississippi.
  • Adhere to the policies established by the community college or university to facilitate the Reverse Transfer Process.
  • Pay any fees required by the community college or university in completing the process.





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