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Standard Meeting Patterns

The Standard meeting patters are designed to alleviate time conflicts for students and faculty and to allow maximum usage of all classroom space in addition to maintaining classroom contact minutes in accordance with IHL requirements. As much as possible, departments should schedule their courses according to the standard meeting patterns shown here.

Spring 2018 Meeting Patterns

Summer 2018 Meeting Patterns

Fall 2018 Meeting Patterns

Spring 2019 Meeting Patterns

Ad Astra Fall 2018 Scheduling Guide (pdf)


Required Contact Minutes for each Meeting Pattern (All terms)


Timeline For Course Scheduling

To help the academic departments in planning for annual schedule of course entry and room assignments, the following time table will be used as a reference. Dates are approximate dates; therefore emails will be sent to the appropriate personnel for specific details. To see copy of the current University Room file for the Hattiesburg Campus, click on the following link....Timeline for Course Scheduling (Word) Timeline for Course Scheduling (Excel)

Classroom Policies

To ensure the maximum usage of all classroom space, the Space Utilization Allocation Committee formed standard classroom policies and procedures for the colleges and departments to adhere to. This information can be found on the Provost website or follow the link here.


Room Lists

To see copy of the current University Room file for the Hattiesburg Campus, click on the following link...Room List

The attached Microsoft Excel file gives details of each of the rooms including the Max capacity, room type and room features according to information supplied by the departments and recorded in Ad Astra software as of the date indicated on the footer of the page. The document can be filtered and sorted as needed by the departments to aid in planning for course scheduling. The room file will be updated as needed when supplied with new information from the departments. Please contact Nichol Green in the Registrar's Office via email,, for corrections.


Class Instruction Modes

Each course must have one instruction mode in accordance with IHL policies and for reporting purposes. The following link has the current designated Instruction modes that can be entered for each section within the Schedule of Classes in PeopleSoft.