Research and Scholarly Integrity Assurance Program

Dr. Casey Maugh presenting workshop on plagiarismGroup discussion during Avoiding Plagiarism workshop

Research and Scholarly Integrity Assurance Program

The objectives of the Research and Scholarly Integrity Assurance Program (IAP) are to:

  1. enhance understanding and foster discussion of the relevant ethical and professional norms of research and scholarship;
  2. to encourage USM faculty and students to follow best practices of research and scholarship in their work;
  3. to provide the educational opportunities and resources necessary for Southern Miss to meet the demands of various sponsor RCR training requirements, including the National Science Foundation’s implementation of the America COMPETES Act (NSF), National Institutes of Health regulations (NIH), and Public Health Service (PHS) regulations concerning disclosures of financial conflicts of interest (FCOI).

This program includes both online modules and on-campus workshops and forums. Online courses are available through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI). Program requirements vary; consult the links at right for details. For questions, contact:

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI).


JoAnn Johnson

Integrity Assurance Program Manager

Office of Research Integrity