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Office of Research Integrity

Institutional Review Board

Because of COVID-19 the following policy change is in effect:

Face-to-Face data collection may be resumed ONLY with prior approval from the Vice President for Research's Office AND approval from the IRB Office. (This request is not intended for human subjects research activities that will continue to be done remotely.)

To receive approval from the VPR's office the researcher must complete a form (Request for On Campus Research) that will be automatically sent to the Director of the school or unit, who will then make recommendations to the Dean and VPR office for approval. For those requests that are granted access, all individuals will be provided an authorization and release agreement to review and sign before being allowed to return to campus.

Once approval from the VPR's office is received the researcher will need to submit a protocol modification in Cayuse. (Researchers who previously submitted a modification to transition to virtual mode would be undoing the request to go virtual and specify safety protocols relative to COVID. Researchers who suspended activities in March will need to provide only safety protocols relative to COVID).

For newly submitted protocols that will involve Face-to-Face interaction the researcher will need to attach the approvals from the Vice President for Research's Office.

At this time, undergraduates will not be provided access to perform research on-campus. As we continue to operate under restricted access, no research personnel may be required or pressured to come to campus or engage in field-work.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your research project(s) please do not hesitate to contact Sam Bruton (Samuel.BrutonFREEMississippi)

All research performed by Southern Miss faculty, staff, or students involving human subjects requires prior approval by the University’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) to ensure that the proposed research meets the relevant federal and institutional standards and guidelines.  Data collected before formal IRB approval is received may not be used under any circumstances. Non-compliance by faculty may result in censure, suspension of research privileges at the University, removal from graduate faculty status, and/or termination of employment. (Institutional Policies RSCH-VP-004)

Students may jeopardize awarding of the degree being sought.

Upon approval, Principle Investigators (PIs) will receive an electronic approval letter from the IRB Chair. Expect 3 – 4 weeks for approval from the time the form is submitted to the IRB by the School Director.

For questions about whether or not IRB approval is needed for a particular project, contact Dr.%20Sam%20Bruton or Mrs.%20JoAnn%20Johnson.



USM IRB requires researchers to have active (NON-EXPIRED) CITI certificates for both the Human Subjects Research Course and the Common Course. Active certificates are also required for faculty members who are supervising student theses requiring IRB approval or are members of the IRB committee.

To obtain certification to conduct research involving human subjects go to the CITI training requirements page.

Cayuse integrates with CITI by means of the user's USM assigned email address. Since Cayuse login requires USM credentials, your CITI certificates also must be tied to your USM email address.

The integration will fail and your IRB submission will not be reviewed if your email address in CITI is @gmail, @hotmail, @yahoo, etc.

If you do not know your USM assigned email address, contact ITech at 601.266.HELP (4357).



USM uses Cayuse IRB for all protocol submissions.

See Cayuse Overview information and Quickstart Guides for assistance.

Cayuse Training Material and IRB Sample Forms

If you have tried to access Cayuse IRB using your USM login (w123456: The "w" must be lowercase) and password, your user information may not yet be in the Cayuse system. To be added, please fill out the Cayuse IRB Registration Form.

Uploads of new users will occur every Thursday, and users will be able to sign in by the start of the following business day. The Cayuse IRB registration form must be completed by Wednesday to be uploaded that same week.

For additional Institutional Review Board (IRB) information not found on these pages, or for any questions involving the application process, please email

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