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Office of Research Integrity

Institutional Review Board

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InfoEd IRB Submissions:

All IRB submissions must be done through InfoEd. If you need help with your IRB submission, see InfoEd FAQ Document and Training Material and Sample Forms for assistance. 

InfoEd can be accessed at: If you have tried to access InfoEd using your USM login (w123456: The "w" must be lowercase) and password, your user information may not yet be in the InfoEd system. To be added, please fill out the InfoEd Registration Form. New users will be uploaded daily. Please allow 24 hours for access.

Prior to submitting an application, all students are required to complete the InfoEd Training Module course. After completing the training, students will receive a certificate to upload on InfoEd. To complete the training, click here

For additional Institutional Review Board (IRB) information not found on these pages, or for any questions involving the application process, please email irbhelpFREEMississippi.

The IRB Application Process:

All research performed by Southern Miss faculty, staff, or students involving human subjects requires prior approval by the University’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) to ensure that the proposed research meets the relevant federal and institutional standards and guidelines. 

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*Data collected before formal IRB approval is received may not be used under any circumstances*. Non-compliance by faculty may result in censure, suspension of research privileges at the University, removal from graduate faculty status, and/or termination of employment. (Institutional Policies RSCH-VP-004). Students may jeopardize awarding of the degree being sought. For questions about whether or not IRB approval is needed for a particular project, contact irbhelpFREEMississippi

Upon approval, Principal Investigators (PIs) will receive an electronic approval letter from the IRB Chair. Expect 3 – 4 weeks for approval from the time the form is submitted to the IRB by the School Director. If you are trying to figure out where your IRB protocol is in the IRB process, click here for help.