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Center for Science and Math Education


EdD Graduates


Oscar Jason Brouillette, Ed.D. Science Education
An Interdisciplinary Comparison of the Critical Thinking Objective Among Science and Non-science Majors in Higher Education
Advisor: Dr. Ashley G. Morgan, Chairman of the Department of Science Education

James W. Barnes, Ed.D. Science Education 
An Experiment in the Use of Programmed Lectures in Teaching the General Education College Chemistry Course
Co-Advisors: Dr. Fred W. Brown and Dr. John H. Bedenbaugh


PhD Graduates


Benjamin Ray Allen, Ph.D. Science Education
The Development of a poly-axenic medium and its uses for Dileptus anser.
Advisor: Bobby Irby 

Sula J Marsalis, Ph.D. Science Education
Comprehensive nomenclature analysis: its effects in chemistry at the Mississippi State College for Women

Melander Kathleen Mary Roan, Ph.D. Science Education
A study of the influence of Harvard project physics on the knowledge and attitudes of non-science students at the university level. Advisor: Isadore Sonnier

Mary Jayne Myers, Ph.D. Science Education
A study of the identification of classroom practices of teachers in the use of three new junior high school science curricula programs. Advisor: Isadore Sonnier 


Kenith Gene Exum, Ph.D. Science Education
Evaluation of a metric booklet as a supplement to teaching the metric system to undergraduate non-science majors. Advisor: Isadore Sonnier 

Elizabeth A Bennett, Ph.D. Science Education
The determination of perceived educational needs of nurses employed in maternal health and family planning services. Advisor: J. Flowers

Edgar L Gibson, Ph.D. Science Education
Relationships among measures of personality, teacher performance, and classroom verbal interaction patterns of selected elementary school teachers. Advisor: Fred Brown

Sammy J Green, Ph.D. Science Education
A comparison of the earth science curriculum project to the lecture method in junior high school science classes. Advisor: Isadore Sonnier 

Edward Hunt Guilbert, Ph.D. Science Education
A standardized test in collegiate descriptive astronomy on selected concepts which can be demonstrated in the planetarium. Advisor: Isadore Sonnier 

Troy T Southerland, Ph.D. Science Education
The impact of a SCIs implementation program on the teaching style of selected elementary school teachers. Advisor: Iva Brown

Ted Wesley Reel, Ph.D. Science Education
The excavation and preparation of two fossilized whales. Advisor: Bobby Irby

Ralph W. Shaw Jr., Ph.D. Science Education
Factors influencing selection of specific science courses by students in certain non-science academic areas at Southeastern Louisiana University. Advisor: Fred Brown


Bruce Douglas Dod, Ph.D. Science Education

A comparative analysis of the earth science curriculum project and a metric booklet approach to teaching the metric system
Advisor: J. Flowers

Marie McKinnon Gieger, Ph.D. Science Education
A study of scientific attitudes among junior college students in Mississippi
Advisor: J. Flowers

James B. Johnston, Ph.D. Science Education
A taxonomic and statistical analysis of attitudes, opinions, scope, and selected content areas of environmental education in Mississippi
Advisor: Robert Craven

Elbert Leslie Knight, Ph.D. Science Education
An investigation of the biological science curricula in the public and private junior colleges of North Carolina
Advisor: Bobby Irby

Cecil Lee Murphy Sr., Ph.D. Science Education
The effect of corallobothrium on the growth rate of Ictalurus punctatus
Advisor: Robert Craven

John Asa Phillips, Ph.D. Science Education
A grain size frequency distribution analysis of selected beach and dune sands of Dauphin Island, Alabama
Advisor: Isadore Sonnier

John Rietti, Ph.D. Science Education
A comparative study of chemistry achievement using two methods of evaluation, traditional examination method and experimental assignment method
Advisor: Isadore Sonnier


William Thomas Brantley, Ph.D. Science Education
A comparison of the audio-tutorial method with the lecture-demonstration method for producing student achievement in college level physical science survey classes covering physics and astronomy
Advisor: J. Matthews

Lloyd Edward Story Jr., Ph.D. Science Education
The effect of the BSCs inquiry slides on the critical thinking ability and process skills of first-year biology students
Advisor: Iva Brown


John Lee Borom, Ph.D. Science Education
A descriptive study of seasonal fluctuations of macroscopic fauna in the submerged grass beds in Mobile Bay, Alabama
Advisor: Bobby Irby

Thomas Jesse King, Ph.D. Science Education
A study of the effects of a traditional and an audio-tutorial biology laboratory on the attitudes of junior college students toward biology
Advisor: Robert Craven


J. Richard Moore, Ph.D. Science Education
Vascular flora of the arboretum of the University of Southern Mississippi, Harrison County, Mississippi
Advisor: Bobby Irby

Charles Arthur Pickett, Ph.D. Science Education
An electron molecule collision apparatus for the study of quantum physics by the inquiry method
Advisor: J. Matthews

Thomas Earl Bilbo, Ph.D. Science Education
A comparison of two different approaches for teaching volume units of the metric system
Advisor: Marlene Milkent

James Lynn Flatt, Ph.D. Science Education
A comparison of card deck programmed texts versus a conventional textbook for general biology on the achievement levels of college freshman
Advisor: Fred Brown

Larry G. Hanshaw, Ph.D. Science Education
Test anxiety, self-concept, and the test performance of students paired for testing and the same students working alone
Advisor: Marlene Milkent


Newtie J. Boyd, Ph.D. Science Education

A comparative study of thirteen-college curriculum program physical science students and applied science general chemistry students at Alcorn State University
Advisor: Bobby Irby

J. Keitz Haburay, Ph.D. Science Education
An investigation of the establishment of sessile marine communities in St. Louis Bay, Hancock County, Mississippi
Advisor: Isadore Sonnierv

Jerry N. Hass, Ph.D. Science Education
The effects of performance objectives on attitude and achievement of students enrolled in a principles of biology course for non-science majors at the University of Southern Mississippi
Advisor: Marlene Milkent

Elizabeth A. Humphrey, Ph.D. Science Education
The determination of perceived needs of adolescents for knowledge regarding reproduction and reproductive physiology
Advisor: Bobby Irby

Ray Joseph Matherne, Ph.D. Science Education
A comparative study of selected criterion variables in ninth grade ISCs and traditional science students after completion of a three year instructional program
Advisor: Robert Craven

Anna Phair Musgrave, Ph.D. Science Education
Characteristics of southeastern museums that feature science collections
Advisor: Isadore Sonnier

Susan Jennings Nodurft, Ph.D. Science Education
The impact of an outdoor wilderness program on the participants' sense of connectedness to the natural world
Advisor: Susan Ross

Douglas B. Schexnayder, Ph.D. Science Education
Selected high school factors as predictors of achievement in freshman college biology
Advisor: Isadore Sonnier


Judy Beth Kemp, Ph.D. Science Education

An investigation of the effects of varying left and right hemisphere activities on the achievement of fifth-grade science students
Advisor: Isadore Sonnier

Edward D. Burow, Ph.D. Science Education
The relationship among secondary science students' locus of control, views of the tentativeness of science, attitudes, perceptions of teaching strategies, and achievements
Advisor: J. Matthews

Jack Thomas Culpepper, Ph.D. Science Education
A status survey of the science supervisor in Mississippi
Advisor: Isadore Sonnier

John William Dapper, Ph.D. Science Education
Predictors of attitude towards science among undergraduate nonscience majors
Advisor: Iva Brown

Vera Mae Brooks Hayden, Ph.D. Science Education
A study of the effects of traditional biology and selected biological science curriculum study (BSCs) minicourses on the attitudes, achievement levels, and critical thinking abilities of students at Alcorn State University. Advisor: Bobby Irby

Michael L. Womack, Ph.D. Science Education
The development and pilot testing of an audio-tutorial laboratory block on spiders designed for introductory biology students


James Ralph Dunn, Ph.D. Science Education
The development, testing, and validation of a programmed unit on ecology
Advisor: L. Story

Wilmuth C. Lucas, Ph.D. Science Education
Analysis of the graduates' perception of the secondary science teacher education programs at the University of Southern Mississippi
Advisor: Bobby Irby


Noel Russell Mann, Ph.D. Science Education
Identification and remediation of potential dropouts and failures in general college Chemistry I at Mississippi Gulf Coast Junior college, Perkinston Campus
Advisor: Fred Brown

Robert Thornton Crews, Ph.D. Science Education
A study of predictors of student success on a national certification examination for medical technology
Advisor: Marlene Milkent


Richard James Daume, Ph.D. Science Education
The use of selected variables to compare science content achievement and science process skill achievement in two junior high school science programs: ISCs and traditional
Advisor: Fred Brown

Annie Nelle Ware Fulton, Ph.D. Science Education
An investigation of the effectiveness of selected teaching strategies integrating the teaching of science concepts and the improvement of reading-language skills
Advisor: Marlene Milkent


Robert L. Moore, Ph.D. Science Education

Elementary teachers' attitudes toward student-centered science as related to teacher concerns
Advisor: Bobby Irby

Donald Lamar Cooper, Ph.D. Science Education
A study of the effects of an activity based inservice science program on teaching attitudes, science process skills, and teaching style of elementary school teachers
Advisor: Iva Brown


Jacqueline Townsend Hunter, Ph.D. Science Education
Selected variables as predictors of achievement in general biology courses at Xavier University of Louisiana
Advisor: Don Cotten

David Robertson, Ph.D. Science Education
A survey to determine the attitudes of administrators and science teachers toward the addition of radiation science to curricula of secondary schools in Mississippi
Advisor: Bobby Irby


Lena Nell Hollis Melton Lewis, Ph.D. Science Education

Expectations of superintendents, principals, and science teachers toward the role of a science coordinator
Advisor: Bobby Irby

Daniel Wayne Sanford, Ph.D. Science Education
The effect of a unit titled "Fossils" on student attitudes toward evolution
Advisor: Bobby Irby

Elizabeth Ann McGowen Bond, Ph.D. Science Education
Predictors of attitude toward the marine environment among science teachers in Mississippi and Alabama
Advisor: Bobby Irby

John Abner Grant, Jr. Ph.D. Science Education
A statistical comparison of the learning of selected physics topics by junior college students taught with and without calculus
Advisor: Marlene Milkent

Lillie Carson Doty, Ph.D. Science Education
A study comparing the influence of inquiry and traditional science instruction methods on science achievement, attitudes toward science, and integrated process skills in ninth grade students and the relationship between sex, race, past performance in science, intelligence and achievement
Advisor: Fred Brown

Joe Cliburn, Ph.D. Science Education
"An Ausubelian Approach to Instruction: The Use of Advance Organizers in a Junior College Anatomy and Physiology Course" 
Advisor: Donald R. Cotten


Donald Waynne Denson, Ph.D. Science Education
The relationships between cognitive styles, methods of instruction, knowledge, and process skills of college chemistry students
Advisor: Don Cotton

Joe Goldsmith, Ph.D. Science Education
The effect of an activity based model toward the reduction of science teaching anxiety in pre-service elementary science teachers
Advisor: Don Cotton

Lina K Holquist, Ph.D. Science Education
A quantitative comparison of alternate taxonomic keys: The relative utility of equivalent materials with systematized treatment of construct variables for identification of selected decapod crustaceans by randomized groups of students
Advisor: Bobby Irby

Nellie Stone Hill Lewis, Ph.D. Science Education
A study of the effects of concrete experiences on the problem-solving experiences on the problem-solving ability of tenth-grade students
Advisor: Fred Brown

Ezenwa Okeagu Lewis, Ph.D. Science Education
The effects of a science methods course with field experience on preservice teachers' attitudes, concerns, and anxiety toward teaching science
Advisor: Iva Brown

Murray Paton Pendarvis, Ph.D. Science Education
The impact of integrated process skills training on inservice junior high school science teachers' integrated process skills abilities, teaching anxieties, and classroom performance
Advisor: Iva Brown

Gene Autry Smith, Ph.D. Science Education
The effects of various teaching strategies on the cognitive achievement of first year biology students
Advisor: Bobby Irby


Vivian P. McEwen, Ph.D. Science Education

Marine science education in the southeastern United States: A survey of existing programs in state departments of education, and the development of a model workshop
Advisor: R. Cleminson

Wolff-Michael Roth, Ph.D. Science Education
A Neo-Piagetian approach to the development of problem solving strategies in the domain of proportion problems
Advisor: Marlene Milkent


Meissner Donald Wayne, Ph.D. Science Education
A study of the relationship between science anxiety and grade level, gender, and students' and parents' perceptions of science, scientists, and science teachers
Advisor: Iva Brown

Danny Anthony Philips, Ph.D. Science Education
An evaluation of the cognitive and affective changes resulting from implementation on materials developed by teachers working for the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality
Advisor: Don Cotten

Sharon Elaine Henze Walker, Ph.D. Science Education
Predictors of cognitive achievement in marine education among elementary, middle, and secondary school teachers in Mississippi and Alabama
Advisor: Bobby Irby


Robert Marzine Everett Jr., Ph.D. Science Education

A comparison between musical motivational instruction and traditional instruction on achievement in seventh grade life science
Advisor: Fred Brown

Barry Ferguson, Ph.D. Science Education
A study of the comparative effectiveness of an occluder for viewing with a monocular microscope
Advisor: Don Cotten

Zoghlul Kabir, Ph.D. Science Education
A comparative study of illustrated versus non-illustrated instruments in the determination of cognitive level knowledge of selected oceanography concepts by science teachers of Mississippi and Alabama

Andrea Gayle Pickard Mize, Ph.D. Science Education
The use of a graphic advance organizer to improve learning and retention in teaching problem solving related to the mole concept
Advisor: Marlene Milkent

Sister Joanne Dorothy Bauer,  Ph.D. Science Education
Analyzing conceptual understanding of acid-base chemistry through the application of skill theory

Thomas Herbert Mason, Ed.D. Science Education
An investigation of the relative effectiveness of teacher initiated versus student initiated junior school science project

Miller Ivan Emmert, Ph.D. Science Education
A study of teacher's attitudes, practices, and knowledge of space science in Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana
Advisor: Fred Brown

Robert J. Barto, Ph.D. Science Education
A study of the effectiveness of student participation in test construction on attitude and achievement in high school chemistry classes

William Joseph Sumrall, Ph.D. Science Education
The effects of content and repetition for mastery on the problem solving abilities of physical science students
Advisor: Marlene Milkent


Charles Pickford Egerton, Ph.D. Science Education

A comparison between a videotaped presentation and a programmed instruction unit for effectiveness in supplementing acquired immunodeficiency syndrome education curriculums
Advisor: Bobby Irby

Kimberly Dawn Evans, Ph.D. Science Education
An investigation into the problem solving abilities of preservice elementary teachers
Advisor: Don Cotten

Donald Lee Lawson, Ph.D. Science Education
The effect of a supplemental video instruction program on the achievement and perceived debilitating test anxiety of community college students enrolled for the first time in introductory General Biology I
Advisor: Bobby Irby

William Paul Maurer, Ph.D. Science Education
The effectiveness of a mastery-learning strategy in enhancing cognitive achievement and problem-solving skills in an introductory chemistry program
Advisor: Marlene Milkent


Richard E. Klee, Ph.D. Science Education
The Sonnier model of educational management: Does it measure cognitive achievement with relation to affective attainment between traditional and holistic treatments of teaching science?
Advisor: Isadore Sonnier

Catherine Perry Cotten, Ph.D. Science Education
A canonical correlation analysis of the cognitive variables of mathematics achievement and critical thinking and the affective variables of attitude toward mathematics, confidence in learning mathematics, and effectance motivation in learning mathematics
Advisor: Bobby Irby

Samuel Prescott Faulkner, Ph.D. Science Education
The influence of instructional strategy on cell concept learning and science attitude by fifth and sixth grade children
Advisor: Rosalina Hairston

Daniel Glenn Wiggins, Ph.D. Science Education
A comparison of Nassi-Shneiderman and pseudocode as a planning aid for novice programmers in designing and developing structured basic programs
Advisor: Bobby Irby


James L. Baggett, Ph.D. Science Education
A comparison between the use of different concept maps as advance organizers to supplement a unit on photosynthesis in a community college biology course
Advisor: Fred Brown

Carrol Anne Major Wicker, Ph.D. Science Education
The effect of instructor modeling of the BSCs "FIVE Es" instructional model on locus of control in science, anxiety about teaching science, and attitude toward teaching science on preservice elementary teachers
Advisor: Iva Brown


Jessie Burnette Wolf Hamil, Ph.D. Science Education, Coastal Science

An analytical assessment of process skill proficiencies and problem-solving perceptions of preservice elementary science teachers
Advisor: Don Cotten

Roy W. Hurst, Ph.D. Science Education
The cognitive nature of successful predictive reasoning in biology, and the role of practice in developing effective prediction problem solving skills
Advisor: Marlene Milkent


Robert Nicholas Masson, Ph.D. Science Education
Observations on the biology and natural history of solitary wasps inhabiting the natural science park in Forrest County, Mississippi
Advisor: Fred Howell

Robert Glenn Molsbee, Ph.D. Science Education
Science achievement as a criterion for judging the effectiveness of home schooling, Christian schooling, and public schooling
Advisor: Rosalina Hairston

Ann Therese Zukoski, Ph.D. Science Education
Initial misconceptions and change in misconceptions through traditional instruction, and their relationship to students' learning styles and achievement in first semester college physics
Advisor: Iva Brown

Jeff A. Thomas, Ph.D. Science Education
Analyzing factors affecting knowledge and defensibility of attitudes toward wetlands
Advisor: Rosalina Hairston


Robert J. Anthony Sr., Ph.D. Science Education
A comparative study of an audio-tutorial and a conventional lecture method of instruction in biological science courses for non-science majors at Jackson State University
Advisor: Robert Craven

Kamel Salim Dallal, Ph.D. Science Education
The Influence of the guided constructivist instructional model on attitudes toward secondary-level physics
Advisor: Iva Brown

Deanna Lee Kuiper Noyes, Ph.D. Science Education
The effect of a short-term intervention on the development of spatial ability in middle school
Advisor: Iva Brown

Barbara Ann Matherly Poole, Ph.D. Science Education

An exploration of the perceptions, developmental reasoning levels, differences in learning processes, and academic achievement levels of students in introductory college microbiology
Advisor: Iva Brown


Nancy Lee Long, Ph.D. Science Education
Pathways to mathematical excellence: An international perspective
Advisor: Gary Walls

Robert Terrelle Long, Long, Ph.D. Science Education
Pathways to mathematical excellence: A national perspective
Advisor: Gary Walls

Joyce A. Mullins Long, Ph.D. Science Education
How field trips in natural areas associated with museums, arboreta, and aquaria impact the educational experiences of teachers and students
Advisor: Craig Bowen

Martha Alexander Goss, Ph.D. Science Education
Writing to learn: An experiment in calculus
Advisor: Gary Walls

Melissa Wiggins, Ph.D. Science Education
A comparative study of two algorithm animation tools as aids in algorithm understanding
Advisor: Hugh P. Garraway

Shane Harvie Smith, Ph.D. Science Education
The change in students' understanding of the mole concept in introductory college chemistry
Advisor: Rosalina V. Hairston


Elizabeth Anne Gates Applin, Ph.D. Science Education
The application of language acquisition theory to programming concept instruction: Chunks versus programs from scratch
Advisor: Hugh P. Garraway

Melinda Downs Gann, Ph.D. Science Education
The effects of the integration of thinking skills on preservice teachers' beliefs about mathematics and teaching mathematics
Advisor: Susan Ross

David Jay Hebert, Ph.D. Science Education
Technology as a tool for integrating high school algebra and geometry
Advisor: Susan Ross

Sherry Shelton Herron, Ph.D. Science Education
The development and assessment of constructivist-based curriculum changes in a university general biology laboratory course
Advisor: Rosalina Hairston

James Edward Lilly, Ph.D. Science Education
A study of preservice elementary teachers enrolled in a discrepant-event-based physical science class
Advisor: Rudy Sirochman

Georgia Stratton Miller, Ph.D. Science Education
The effect of computer tutorial software as a mode of instruction in intermediate algebra
Advisor: Susan Ross

Abdulsalam D. Saif, Ph.D. Science Education
Analyzing the high school biology education in Yemen
Advisor: Rosalina Hairston


Gary Martin Manfready, Ph.D. Science Education
A study on the impact of the globe program on students' attitudes regarding environmental issues
Advisor: Gail Russell

Martinez Lance Michael Ph.D. Science Education
A comparison of two microscale laboratory reporting methods in a secondary chemistry class
Advisor: Larry Bellipanni

Hassan Aziz Ph.D. Science Education
Assessment of laboratory safety knowledge among biological sciences students at the University of Southern Mississippi
Advisor: M. Hudson

Wassim Fouad Zoubeir, Ph.D. Science Education
Crafting computer projected simulations and interactive engagement methods within a traditional classroom setting: The influence on secondary level students' understanding of Newtonian mechanics and on attitudes towards physics
Advisor: Rudy Sirochman


Deborah B. Booth, Ph.D. Science Education
Student authorizing of kinemages in biochemistry
Advisor: Susan Ross

Margaret L. Perkins West, Ph.D. Science Education, Mathematics
Gender underrepresentation in beginning computer programming courses
Advisor: Susan Ross
Charles A. West, Ph.D. Science Education, Earth and Environmental Science
The Development and Pilot Testing of a Hydrographic Remote Sensing Course in the United States Specified by International Organizations
Advisor: Donald Redalje


Tracy Evans Pickett, Ph.D. Science Education, Physics
Mathematical preparation and success in introductory physics
Advisor: Joe Whitehead

Ivy Aleta Sullivan, Ph.D. Science Education, Biology
Conceptual and attitude change of community college students through reading-writing-science learning connection
Advisor: Rosalina Hairston


Beth Ann Dunigan, Ph.D. Science Education, Biology

Motivation and learning strategies of students in distance education
Advisor: Ken Curry

Wassim El-Labban, Ph.D. Science Education, Chemistry
Assessment of the effect of online homework on achievement in chemistry
Advisor: Jeff Evans

William Bradford Smith, Ph.D. Science Education, Chemistry
Efficacy of the post-secondary environmental science education program on the attitude toward science of a group of Mississippi national guard youth challenge program students
Advisor: Lawrence Bellipanni



Santonino Ku'caya Banya, Ph.D. Science Education, Chemistry
A Study of the Factors Affecting the Attitudes of Young Female Students Toward Chemistry at the High School Level
Advisor: Emory Howell

Gregory John Brust, Ph.D. Science Education, Polymer Science
Living in a material world: Development and evaluation of a new materials science course for nonscience majors
Advisor: Lon Mathias


Sheila R. Hendry, Ph.D. Science Education, Biology
Student Perceptions: Importance of and Satisfaction with Aspects of an Online Biology Course
Advisor: Kenneth Curry
Karen Elizabeth Ng, Ph.D. Science Education, Biology
Instructor Satisfaction and attitude toward online Instruction
Advisor: Kenneth Curry


Glenn Dale, Ph.D. Science Education, Chemistry
Student Construction of Small Molecule Models Using Spartan Model to Explore Polarity
Advisor: Robert Bateman


Tony Taylor, Ph.D. Science Education, Coastal Science

Thinking Outside ISD: A Management Model for Instructional Design
Advisor: Sharon Walker

Ahmad Shatila, Ph.D. Science Education, Chemistry
Assessing the Impact of Integrating POGIL in Elementary Organic Chemistry
Advisor: Robert Bateman

Douglas Magomo, Ph.D. Science Education, Mathematics
Dynamics of a Model Three Species Predator-Prey System with Choice
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron

Kate Hampton, Ph.D. Science Education, Biology
Using Children’s Literature to Enhance Views of Nature of Science and Scientific Attitude in Fourth Graders
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron

David Bramlett, Ph.D. Science Education, Mathematics
A Study of African-American College Students’ Attitudes Towards Mathematics
Advisor: Jose Contreras


Candice Carter, Ph.D. Science Education, Mathematics
An Analysis of the Effects of a Computer-Enhanced Curriculum and Gender on Student Achievement in Mathematics at a Historically Black College and University
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron

Tommy Sumrall, Ph.D. Science Education, Physics
South Mississippi Public Elementary Teachers’ Implementation of and Attitudes toward Inquiry-based Science
Advisor: Chris Sirola


Consuella Artiemese Davis, Ph.D. Science Education, Biology
Gender, Mathematics, Reading Comprehension and Science Reasoning as Predictors of Science Achievement Among African-American Students at a Historical Black College or University
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron

Carl Drake, Ph.D. Science Education, Physics
African-American College Student Attitudes Toward Physics and Their Effect on Achievement
Advisor: Joe B. Whitehead, Jr.

Tamilselvi Gopal, Ph.D. Science Education, Biology
Integration of 5E Learning Cycle and Technology in Teaching Undergraduate Anatomy and Physiology Lab
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron

Paula Rae Gossard, Ph.D. Science Education, Biology
Teaching Science In Light Of World View: The Effect of Contextualized Instruction on the Scientific Compatibility of Religious College Students' World Views
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron


Ningjun Ye, Ph.D. Science Education, Mathematics
Assessing the Impact of a Computer-Based College Algebra Course
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron

Allison Hardin Duckworth, Ph.D. Science Education, Biology
Cooperative Learning: Attitudes, Perceptions, and Achievement in a Traditional, Online, and Hybrid Instructional Setting
Advisor: Kenneth Curry

Sarah Elizabeth Wheeless, Ph.D. Science Education, Biology
The Natural Provenance: Ecoliteracy in Higher Education in Mississippi
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron

Aimée Thomas, Ph.D. Science Education, Biology
Professional Development in College Science Teaching
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron

Amy Bishop, Ph.D. Science Education, Mathematics
The Effect of a Math Emporium Course Redesign in Developmental and Introductory Mathematics Courses on Student Achievement and Attitudes toward Mathematics at a Two-Year College
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron


Jacob A. Dasinger, Ph.D. Science Education, Mathematics
Causal Attributions of Nontraditional Students in a Developmental Mathematics Course at a Two-Year College
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron

Betsy Sullivan, Ph.D. Science Education, Biology
Changes in Perceived Self-Efficacy and Attitude toward Science and Teaching Science in Elementary School
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron

Christy Michelle Hollis Philippoff, Ph.D. Science Education, Biology
Establishing Construct Validity of the Biology I Subject Area Testing Program in Mississippi
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron

Allison Armstrong Downing, Ph.D. Science Education, Biology
The Relationship between Attitude and Anxiety toward Teaching Science in Pre-Service Elementary Teachers and the Use of Science Olympiad Events
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron

Felecia Culver Thadison, Ph.D. Science Education, Chemistry
Investigating Macroscopic, Submicroscopic, and Symbolic Connections in a College-Level General Chemistry Laboratory
dvisor: Sherry S. Herron

Houbin Fang, Ph.D. Science Education, Mathematics
The Effects of Simplified Schema-Based Instruction on Elementary Students’ Mathematical Word-Problem Solving Performance
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron

Kari Michelle Everett, Ph.D. Science Education, Mathematics
Does the Use of a Graphing Calculator Tutorial Affect the Attitudes, Achievement, and Calculator Ability of Non-Mathematics Majors in a Calculus Course?
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron


Hiba Salim Naccache, Ph.D. Science Education, Mathematics
Factors Related to Student Performance in Statistics Courses in Lebanon
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron

Tracy Lynn Moore, Ph.D. Science Education, Chemistry
Seeing the Chemistry around Me-Helping Students Identify the Relevance of Chemistry to Everyday Life
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron


Angela Suzanne Dudley Bruni, Ph.D. Science Education, Biology
Dialogue as a Tool for Meaning Making
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron

Xiaolan Li, Ph.D. Science Education, Chemistry
The Effect of Asian Origin,Culture and Learning Beliefs on High School Students’ Physical Science Learning Beliefs
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron

Rachel Syring Ryan, Ph.D. Science Education, Coastal Science
The Effect of Online Discussion Forums of Student Learning and Student Perception of Learning in a Science Course at the Community College Level
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron

Vivian Lee Smith, Ph.D. Science Education, Biology
Science Fair: Is it Worth the Work? A Qualitative Study on Deaf Students' Perceptions and Experiences Regarding Science Fair in Primary and Secondary School
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron

Joanna Lynn Bush Singletary, Ph.D. Science Education, Biology
The Role of Service-Learning in College Students' Environmental Literacy: Content Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron

Kelly Elizabeth Rouse, Ph.D. Science Education, Biology
Gamification in Science Education: The Relationship of Educational Games to Motivation and Achievement
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron

Reginald Quinn, Ph.D. Science Education, Mathematics
Students' Confidence in the Ability to Transfer Basic Math Skills in Introductory Physics and Chemistry Courses at a Community College
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron

John Carlos Parr, Ph.D. Science Education, Biology
View of Socioscientific Issues among Educators: The Willingness of Teachers to Accept SSI into the Classroom and the Reasoning Underlying those Beliefs
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron

Jill Deanne Maroo, Ph.D. Science Education, Biology
Nursing Students' Attitudes Toward Science in the Nursing Curricula
Advisor: Kristy L. Halverson




Mary Erin Riggins, Ph.D. Science Education, Biology
Online Versus Face-To-Face Biology:  A Comparison of Student Transactional Distance, Approach to Learning, and Knowledge Outcomes
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron

Michael Howard, Ph.D. Science Education, Mathematics
A Study of the Teaching Beliefs of the Modern Post-Secondary
Science Instructor and Implications They May Hold for the Future of Science Education
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron



Mounir Saleh, Ph.D. Science Education, Biology
Moving College Students to a Better Understanding of Substrate Specificity of Enzymes through Utilizing Multimedia Pre-Training and an Interactive Enzyme Model
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron


Taylor Kilman, Ph.D. Science Education, Mathematics
The Relationship between Students’ Applied Mathematics Skills and Students’ Attitudes towards Mathematics
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron


Pramila Shakya, Ph.D. Science Education, Physics
Assessment of Student Knowledge of the Weak and Strong Nuclear Forces
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron


Tasha Thames, Ph.D. Science Education, Biology
Novelty or Knowledge?  A Study of Using a Student Response System in Non-major Biology Courses at a Community College
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron

Suzanne Jennings, Ph.D. Science Education, Mathematics
What Concerns are Secondary Mathematics Teachers Experiencing with the Implementation of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and is there a Relationship between the Concerns and Professional Development Received?
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron


Suanrong Chen, Ph.D. Science Education, Mathematics
Assessing Awareness, Interest, and Knowledge of Fractal Geometry among Secondary Mathematics Teachers in the U.S. and China
Advisors: Sherry S. Herron and Jiu Ding



Stephanie Patton Williams, Ph.D. Science Education, Mathematics
Math Emporium Model: Preparing Developmental Students for College Algebra
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron


Jonathan Jay McEwen, Ph.D. Science Education, Mathematics
An Analysis of the ACT Sub-scores' Ability to Predict the Outcome of College Algebra Through the Lens of Modern Chaos Theory
Advisors: Sherry S. Herron and Richard S. Mohn


Kathryn M. Morris, Ph.D. Science Education, Biology
Supplemental action learning workshops: understanding the effects of independent and cooperative workshops on students' knowledge
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron


James Alexander Ridgley, Jr., Ph.D. Science Education, Chemistry & Physics
A Quantitative Analysis of Factors Influencing the Professional Longevity of High School Science Teachers
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron


Berkley Nathaniel King, Jr. , Ph.D. Science Education, Earth & Environmental Science
Analysis of Professors' Perceptions Towards Institutional Redevelopment of Brownfield Sites in Alabama
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron




Harry McDonald, Jr., Ph.D. Science Education, Medical Laboratory Science
The Design of an Instrument to Assess Clinical Laboratories Efficacy Post Implementation of the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron


Cynthia Nicole McWright, Ph.D. Science Education, Chemistry
A Comparative Study Teaching Chemistry Using the 5E Learning Cycle & Traditional Teaching with a Large English Language Population in a Middle School Setting
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron


Janelle Krause Lorenzen, Ph.D. Science Education, Mathematics
The Effect of Instructional Strategies on Math Anxiety and Achievement: A Mixed Methods Study of Preservice Elementary Teachers
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron


Mary Smith-Ellison, Ph.D. Science Education, Biology
Perceived Ideal Traits of a Mentor as Viewed by African American Students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron


Elizabeth A. Schlosser, Ph.D. Science Education, Biology
Race, Socioeconomic Status, and Implicit Bias: Implications for Closing the Achievement Gap
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron




Laila Ali, Ph.D. Science Education, Biology
A Study of the Teaching Beliefs of GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) Teachers
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron


Nasser Syed, Ph.D. Science Education, Biology
The Influence of Conservation Tillage and Conventional Tillage on Soil Bacterial Diversity in Southern Illinois
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron


Zundra Gates, PhD. Science Education, Biology
A Study of the Protective Factors that Foster Resilience in Teachers
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron


Erick T. Moffett, Ph.D. Science Education, Biology
Tangible Teaching: The Effect of Physical Modeling on Community College Students' Understanding of Conservation of Matter
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron


Allan W. Nolan, Ph.D. Science Education, Earth and Environmental Science
The Effect of an Historical Geology Course on Students' Attitudes Towards Science and Their Knowledge of Deep Time as a Threshold to Their Knowledge of Evolution
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron


Aresia L. Watson, Ph.D. Science Education, Biology
Moderating Effect of Homeschooling on Retention and Academic Achievement of STEM Majors at a Private, Faith-Based, Liberal Arts College
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron




Shani Bourn, Ph.D. Science Education, Coastal Science
Classroom Response Systems: Does Instantaneous Feedback Affect Students' Knowledge and Self-Efficacy in a Secondary Science Course
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron


Kendrick Buford, Ph.D. Science Education, Biology
A Mixed Methods Approach to Study the Effects of a Naturalist Summer Program on the Perceptions of African American Children About Nature
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron


Kelly Byrd, PhD. Science Education, Mathematics
Elementary Preservice Teacher Preparation to Teach Mathematics and Science in an Integrated STEM Framework
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron


Veshell Lewis, Ph.D. Science Education, Biology
Environmental-Based Experiential Learning Activities and its Influence on Students' Knowledge, Critical Thinking, Attitude Towards the Environment, and Career Aspirations
Advisor: Sherry S. Herron