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School of Social Science and Global Studies

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Student Funding

To the extent that it is fiscally possible, the program supports full-time graduate students. The actual number of assistantships available varies by year. Students are only eligible for funding for two years.

Graduate Assistantships
Generally, students on assistantships are assigned to individual faculty members who may utilize them for teaching or research activities at their own discretion. Students on academic probation are not eligible for assistantships. Assistantships typically provide a tuition waiver and modest stipend.

Teaching Assistantships
A very limited number of students may be selected to take responsibility for sections of ANT 101. Only second-year graduate students will be considered, since the university requires at least 18 hours of graduate coursework in anthropology in order to teach. In addition, student teachers must have taken ANT 601 during their first year and be enrolled while they are teaching.