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Why Study Sociology?

Have you ever wondered how the world works? What about the effects that social media has on society? Why is there inequality, and how can I make a difference in society? If you have ever thought about questions like these—and wanted to develop the critical thinking and research skills to answer them—you can explore your curiosity with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology. Students graduating with this degree will find jobs in a variety of areas, including: social services and counseling, education, criminal justice, health, law, research, and business.

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$82KMedian annual wage for sociologist in U.S.
9% Projected job growth rate (nearly 2 x faster than U.S. average)
30 Hours required for major area of study (earn your degree quickly)

What Will I Learn?

Through a combination of elective courses examining fundamental social institutions, social justice, and inequality—as well as core courses in scientific research methodology and theory—our students:

  • Acquire critical thinking, writing, and oral communication skills applicable to high-demand careers in health, law, research, business, social services and counseling, education, criminal justice, and more.
  • Create personalized research programs that speak to their unique interests and career goals.
  • Develop qualitative and quantitative research skills used to identify social problems, analyze their causes, and create solutions.
  • Appreciate the importance of diversity and work to foster inclusive environments.

Dedicated Advisors and Committed Teacher-Scholars

We are a small program that prides itself on the ability to work closely with students to nurture their passions and channel these into identifiable career paths, all while ensuring timely degree completion through regular advisement and an easy to follow degree plan.

As teacher-scholars, our faculty are committed to delivering high-quality undergraduate education by pursuing active research programs that enliven and enrich students’ classroom experiences. In addition to regularly working with Honors and McNair scholars, our faculty mentor and advise students working on independent research through the program thesis option or Independent Studies courses. Our students regularly present their research at conferences, including USM’s Undergraduate Symposium on Research and Creative Activity, Southern Sociological Society meetings, and the National Conference on Undergraduate Research.

Not only do we help students pursue their own unique research agendas, but we also welcome undergraduate participation in faculty-led projects examining pressing topics like border and immigration issues, globalization, health and mental illness, deviance, social movements, sport and leisure, families, educational inequalities, and more.


Degree Plan Availability
Sociology BSHattiesburg, Online 100%
Sociology Minor

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Contact Us

School of Social Science and Global Studies

456 Liberal Arts Building (LAB)

118 College Drive #5108
Hattiesburg, MS 39406

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  • Human and Social Services Worker
  • Program Evaluation and Analyst
  • Public Relations Analyst
  • Social Researcher
  • Counselor
  • Law and Human Rights Advocate
  • John Barr, 2012, 
    Writer's Assistant at Hulu, Los Angeles, CA
  • Samantha Herrington, 2013, 
    Development Officer at Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation, Phoenix, AZ
  • Gordon Sullivan, 2010,
    Operations Coordinator, One Roof, Birmingham, AL
  • Lesley Brumfield, 2012, 
     Assistant Director, Office of Undergraduate Scholarships, Hattiesburg, MS
  • Allison Graff, 2012, 
    Therapist, Community Youth Services, Olympia, WA
  • Jasmine Whiteside, 2015,
    Pursuing a Ph.D. in Sociology at The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH