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Sustainability Studies

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Why Consider Sustainability Studies?

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Sustainability Studies will provide students with the cultural, social, and scientific understanding of human-nature interaction necessary to achieve meaningful environmental change. By bridging approaches from the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, the interdisciplinary B.A. in Sustainability Studies will prepare students to take leadership roles in careers in environmental communication, policy, and research.

What Will I Learn?

Students will gain scientific literacy and learn how cultural understandings of the environment impact civic discourse, knowledge production, and decision making, and how to develop sustainable solutions for pressing social and environmental problems.

School of Coastal Resilience Faculty

School of Coastal Resilience is home to over thirty research and teaching faculty in the sciences and mathematics, social sciences, and humanities. Our research and teaching interests encompass coastal processes, ecology, and geography; environmental history, literature, film, policy, and ethics; environmental protection and social justice; sustainability studies and education; in short, all matters that impact human well-being and ecosystem vitality in coastal regions.



Degree Plan Availability
Sustainability Studies BAGulf Park
Sustainability Minor

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School of Coastal Resilience

Physical Address

730 East Beach Blvd
Long Beach, MS 39560

Gulf Park Campus

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  • Environmental Educator/Advocate
  • Environmental Compliance Officer
  • Corporate Sustainability Program Coordinator
  • Sustainability/Climate Policy Analyst
  • Environmental Public Relations Specialist
  • City Planner or Park Ranger

How Do I Get Started?