Appealing a Scholarship Status

The Southern Miss offers a scholarship appeals process for all incoming and current undergraduate students, and the University Scholarship Appeals Committee will review appeals on a weekly basis during designated times throughout the academic year.  Appeal decisions are generally rendered within 10-14 business days, and notice of an appeal decision will be mailed to the student's home address listed in SOAR.

  • Scholarship Requests for Fall: April 3 – August 31

  • Scholarship Requests for Spring: January 5 – February 1

  • Scholarship Requests for Summer: May 1 – June 16

The Office of Undergraduate Scholarships is responsible for notifying the student of the committee’s decision and will update the students SOAR records accordingly, if the request is approved. Students will receive a letter at their home address regarding the committee’s decision. Current students will also receive an email notification through their accounts. Appeals received after the deadline may not be reviewed by the committee. Appeal decisions are final and may not be review again by the committee without additional documentation and details regarding extenuating circumstance. Consideration for awards is based on fund availability.

*Note: The University Scholarship Appeals Committee uses the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to assist in determining financial hardship. It is highly recommended to have a FAFSA on file prior to appealing for this reason.



All admitted students to The University of Southern Mississippi have the right to appeal their scholarship status.  Exceptions may be made in consideration of a demonstrated mitigating circumstance, such as: personal injury or illness, death in the immediate family, financial hardship*, etc., as determined by the Office of Undergraduate Scholarships and the University Scholarship Appeals Committee.

Incoming students wishing to appeal their scholarship may do so through one of the following forms


Incoming students wishing to appeal their scholarship may do so through one of the following forms:



The academic performance of students receiving admissions-based scholarships and federal financial aid (i.e. grants and loans) is monitored each semester.  Recipients must comply with various stipulations in order to continue receiving these funds each semester.



Students who have accepted Admissions-Based Scholarships upon admission to the university will have their academic performance monitored each semester by the Office of Undergraduate Scholarships.

  • Recipients must be enrolled full-time (12 or more semester hours).
  • Recipients must earn the grade point average that was stated on their scholarship stipulations form.
  • Freshman scholarship recipients will receive scholarship funds for no more than eight fall/spring semesters (four academic years), regardless of degree completion status. Transfer scholarship recipients will receive the scholarship, for a range of one to three years, depending on their original award and stipulation agreement(s), and regardless of their degree completion status.
  • If it is determined that you have violated a stipulation of your scholarship, you will either be placed on probation or have your scholarship cancelled. Only one probationary semester is allowed.



  • Undergraduate students who have had their Admissions-Based scholarships cancelled may submit an appeal to the University Scholarship Appeals Committee administered by the Office of Undergraduate Scholarships. (Probation cannot be appealed.)
  • In the appeal, students should explain any extenuating circumstances that caused a disruption to their academic progress, such as severe illness or the death of an immediate family member. Documentation should be attached to support the claim of an extenuating circumstance (i.e., statement from a medical or psychiatric professional, obituary to document the death of an immediate family member, etc.)


Current students wishing to appeal their scholarship may do so through using this form:



Many students cannot stay in college without the assistance of federal financial aid, so it's important that you understand how to comply with the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy.  For more information regarding the SAP policy, please click here.

Appealing Financial Aid Suspension:  Students who decide to appeal financial aid suspension should understand that no appeal is guaranteed to be approved.  Additionally, it is very important that students who wish to do so begin the appeals process as soon as possible.  For instructions on how to appeal financial aid suspension, please click here.