Freshman Scholarships

Southern Miss offers generous scholarship support to scholars, leaders, National Merit Semifinalists and Finalists and more - more than $23 million each year.



Freshman scholarships and Honors College consideration are available to students the fall semester immediately following high school graduation. To be considered, you must have submitted an application for admission, the $40 application fee, your high school transcript, and ACT or SAT scores by the stated scholarship deadlines.



  • For Freshman Academic Scholarships, Designation-Based Scholarships, and Competitive Scholarships, only standardized test scores (ACT or SAT) earned through December of student's senior year will be considered.

  • For students exclusively submitting SAT scores, the combined scores of the Critical Reading and Quantitative sections will be the standardized test scores of record for the purposes of scholarship awarding and Honors College admission consideration.  This score will be converted to the equivalent ACT score based on the testing concordance in place at the time of the testing date. (Click here and view Table 7.)


  • Core GPA is calculated using the student's grades earned in coursework that is part of the College Preparatory Curriculum (CPC) as set forth by the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning.

  • Core GPA is calculated on a four-point scale; thus, weighted grades earned in AP, advanced or honors classes are not calculated into core GPA.

  • For freshman scholarship consideration, core GPA will be calculated from the official high school transcript based on the student's first six semesters of high school work.

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