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Academic Integrity

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Hugh Broome  

Dr. Hugh Broome

Associate Director and
Academic Integrity Officer%C2%A0


Academic Integrity Council

The Academic Integrity Council is composed of Southern Miss faculty from all four colleges. View current membership.

Mission and Values

The Office of Academic Integrity nurtures student success via development and accountability through the administration of the Southern Miss Academic Integrity Policy. The office provides academic, remedial, and educational opportunities for students to grow from lapses in integrity. The office also seeks to convey the significance of integrity at the institution, as well as in future professional and personal endeavors, while also promoting the Southern Miss values of excellence, personal growth, inclusivity, mutual support, civility, curiosity, critical thinking, and social responsibility.

Annual Report

Annual Report 2021-22

The Academic Integrity Officer at the University of Southern Mississippi (USM) prepares this report at the end of each academic year to promote transparency surrounding our academic integrity policy and procedures. It is the wish of the academic integrity (AI) personnel that this report be utilized by faculty and administration to promote a community of integrity and the educational philosophy mission of the academic integrity policy at USM.

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